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Are you interested in using the Forums? (for promotion, The PI Awards, Fun, Competitions)25/12/1614/05/17

Will you use The Restricted Section?


Because Elena is unimaginative at the moment...Are you excited about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II?


Are you excited about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I?


Will you be participating (nominating/voting) in the Pure Indulgence awards this year?


New Skin Poll!Which Skin are you using?

Would you like a 'share this' feature? Share stories by email, facebook, twitter etc.?13/01/1016/02/10
Would you like to see other fan doms added to Gluttony?11/11/0913/01/10
Will you be participating in the Pure Indulgence Awards?14/09/0911/11/09

The CW network is airing The Vampire Diaries on the 10th (in America). Will you be watching it?

Will you participate in the Review-A-Thon and Pure Indulgence Awards?16/08/0901/09/09
Would you like the Pure Indulgence Awards to open up again?30/07/0916/08/09
Do you like the Tag Cloud on the ladygrey skin?04/07/0930/07/09
Would you like to see a Tag Cloud on Gluttony? (Like you see on LJ, Blogger etc.)11/06/0904/07/09
Do you use/visit Temperance (Gluttony's Forum)?05/04/0911/06/09

Which HP Book was your favourite?

Are you interested in writing/reading Twilight Fan Fiction?10/12/0801/01/09

Would you participate in a writing competition?

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this November?23/10/0812/11/08

Graphics - A New Section an Gluttony. A place to have your photography on show or fan art or simply just computer generated graphics. Show them off and have them reviewed like a story.

Does this interest you?

Which skin do you use on Gluttony?04/09/0818/09/08
Will you, or have you nominated in the Pure Indulgence Awards?25/08/0804/09/08
Will you be participating in the August Review-A-Thon Competition?18/08/0825/08/08
Do you read the Featured Author and Featured Story sections?03/08/0818/08/08
Are you interested or would you consider participating in a RPG (Role Playing Game), that doesn't require you to be active all the time, only when the mood strikes you?29/07/0803/08/08

Would you enter a writing competition?