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Fulfilled Promises by datbenik513

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There was a powerful woman once, most probably the most powerful one that had ever roamed Ynev. She was beautiful and proud, and in her pride she deceived quite a few.

Three of these deceived swore to pay her back tenfold.

Moonlight by LilyFire

Rated: MA18+ • 2 Reviews

Moragon didn't know moving to NYC would lead to this...

Teddy didn't know meeting his father would mean running for his life...

Love Forever by Dobby101

Rated: R12+ • 0 Reviews

A small square of green construction paper rested in her hands. The paper was slightly crinkled and a corner had obviously been dropped into glue because it was hard and a darker green than the rest of the sheet. The girl’s chocolate colored eyes peered down at the note curiously. Obviously, the sender had just finished kindergarten like she had because the spelling was awful. The purpose remained clear, however. In what looked like a dried out black Crayola marker, a few words were scrawled untidily onto the sheet:

i love you. will you maree me?

Impulse Buy by AnimagusPenguin

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I stood in front of the mirror, smoothing down my dress and trying not to cringe at my reflection. My hair, dirty blond and barely past chin length, never seemed to do anything more than stick out from my skull like a pile of twigs.

Not that it really mattered, though. The only date I had tonight was with my three year old brother, and somehow I doubted he was going to care what I looked like. It was New Year's Eve, and I was being forced to spend it making play dough race cars with a toddler. Great.


The Midnight Games by AnimagusPenguin

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Dear Ben,


I never wanted to write this letter. This wasn't how I wanted to explain myself. It was my fondest wish to leave an elegant note upon a yellowed piece of paper, with a stain from my coffee cup at the upper right corner. I would tell you to meet me at some chic cafe in such-and-such time, and you'd arrive to meet me with that letter, creased from years of folding and refolding, still crumpled up in your pocket. We'd sit and chat, and it would be just like old times.

I never imagined that you'd be the one to leave me.


Brains! by pookha

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Carissa is waiting for her date, when a zombie bursts into the room!  

A Chance by AnimagusPenguin

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I wrote this as an entry to a writing contest. The only requirement was to include the phrase, "I think you should sit down."

Never Give Up by Gryffin_Duck

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"I think you should sit down."


The phrase sticks out in my mind as the one I heard just before my life changed forever.  But Cody wasn't going to give up and I certainly wasn't either.  From the moment I heard that phrase, I knew we would have to prove the doctors wrong.

Heritage by DarkLadyofSlytherin

Rated: R15+ • 0 Reviews

Cera learns more than she bargained for on her sixteenth birthday.

Written for the The Golden Snitches Writathon Round One

Hide and Seek by Leslie

Rated: R15+ • 4 Reviews

When she had counted up to 30, the girl opened her eyes and shouted in a shrill, childlike voice, “Ready or not, here I come!” 

She dashed around the backyard, looking in bushes, under the picnic table, and in the playhouse before she ventured into the woods. 

A Dog's Day by pookha

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews

Caleb Conroy awakens with a pounding headache and a strange yearning for meat.  Soon he's given an offer he can't refuse: Join the Wild Hunt or die.

The Color of Normal by Gryffin_Duck

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Grace's parents seem to pay a lot more attention to her sister, Hope, than they do her.  While Grace understands that Hope is special and needs extra attention, she wishes her parents would focus on her, even for just one night, like when her paintings are in her school's art show.

September 11, 2001 by Kristen Bernadine

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This is a memoir of a young girl who sees a plane bloom into a ball of fire when it collides into the World Trade Center early Tuesday morning. This is a story of a young girl who boarded one of those fateful planes.

Admin Edit: This story contains sensitive subjects and themes, surrounding this particular real life event. Please do not turn this Author's work into anything more than what it is.

Dear Iris by Gryffin_Duck

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You looked up to him.  He was your hero.  Then he left you.  And I hated him for that.  You never saw how bad it really was.  You were so young you only saw the good times.  You may never see this, Iris, but I just want you to know that I love you and I only want the best for you.

Companion piece to Bringing the Magic Back

Bringing the Magic Back by Gryffin_Duck

Rated: MA18+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

My dad named me after his favorite flower, the iris. Everyone I know was named by their mother, except me. The day my mother left was the day all the magic left Dad's life. He loved her, despite her faults, something I was never capable of doing.

Alaska Avenue by Gryffin_Duck

Rated: R12+ • 1 Reviews

Alaska Avenue was where I grew up.  It was a run down street on the outskirts of town and most people tried not to look at it when they drove past, but it was home to me.  My mom didn't understand why I was so upset when the town decided to destroy everyone's homes and turn the street into a strip mall, but there were few things about my life that my mom actually understood.

A Broken Hallelujah by Kristen Bernadine

Rated: MA18+ • 9 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Stunning banner made by Azure at TDA!


A love blossoms in a time when France is on the verge of crumbling to Germany during World War II. A love so real and undiluted, it cannot be smudged by the cold blackness of death. Based off of Edith Piaf's song Hymne A' L'amour.

Breathing Underwater by Leslie

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Leaves crunch beneath my feet as I run through the woods. I cannot say for how long exactly I have been running, just that my legs already feel accustomed to the pace I am traveling at.

The Forsaken by luckygurl102

Rated: R15+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: There’s this voice. It talks to me, inside of my head. Whenever I try to tell someone about it, they just write me off, saying that I’m crazy and need to just calm down. Take some happy pills. I’m NOT crazy honest. I just hear voices. Sometimes it’s different. But it’s always about the same type of thing. Someone died. Don’t get me wrong, it was terrifying at first to hear a voice that wasn’t my own in my head. But then I got used to it. Bizarre, I know, but that’s just the type of person that I am, I suppose. So maybe that’s why the voices have been talking to me. It’s like there’s some bulletin board in Limbo telling the voices of people who’ve yet to move on to just pop inside of my head. I call them the Forsaken.

Don't Go by luckygurl102

Rated: R15+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: Banner by .1smallTREE @TDA!
“I don’t want you to go.” He said, dipping her a little, bending her backwards. He grinned down at her, and she returned the grin.