Genres: Romance


Don't Forget To Eat Your Vegetables by war and peace

Rated: R15+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: Mac the Tomato is small, still green, and only worth $0.55.  But when he escapes from with the other vegetables he saves, he'll learn there's more to life than the price tag on your skin.  It's what's inside that really matters, after all.

Forget Me Not by war and peace

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Let love and faithfulness never leave you; 
bind them around your neck, 
write them on the tablet of your heart.
--Proverbs 3:3

 I stared at where the wedding photo used to be, trying not to think of this as the last time I would sleep in this bed.  The last time I would see this room.  The last time I would sleep next to my wife.  No, it wouldn't be the last time, because I would come back.  That was the whole point of leaving, wasn't it?

Somewhere by datbenik513

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"I'll find you somewhere

I'll keep on trying until my dying day

I just need to know whatever has happened

The truth will free my soul" - Within Temptation : Somewhere (Songwriters: Westerholt, Robert; Den Adelt, Sharon)


He did love me, after all by datbenik513

Rated: MA18+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: I was always sure what I was feeling towards him. I was never sure what he was feeling towards me. Until the very end.

Having Both Is A Blessing by Holly Ilex

Rated: MA18+ • 30 Reviews starstarstarstarstar



The prologue and first two chapters of this story intertwine with the last two chapters and epilogue, (covering, roughly, the last two weeks of term), of my sixth year story ‘What Goes Around…Comes Around…Lost And Found…Love’.  If you haven’t read it, you’d better go through that one, or none of this story will make any sense. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Anna’s year at Hogwarts is ending, in a most peculiar way; Secret keepers, hiding places, changes of attitude and loyalty.  New lives, old memories, shifting priorities and deadly miscalculations are coming to light in the bright summer sunshine.



The Cylinder by Elena, luckygurl102

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Clearing room for his, soon to be wife, to move into Malfoy Manor, Draco and Astoria stumble across something they shouldn't ne in possession of. What is it and what danger does it bring?

Jealousy Games and Deadly Consequences by wytchkitty13

Rated: MA18+ • 30 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

bannerWhen the darkness becomes the calling, who will resist the urge and who will accept it? Harry, Ron and Hermione are entering their seventh year at Hogwarts, but will it be filled with fond memories or nightmares unleashed? Voldemort and the Death Eaters lurk in the shadows as well as a mysterious voice.*This story doesn't follow OoTP, HBP or DH!

Because I Love You by Kaylen

Rated: GA • 0 Reviews
Summary: Lovely banner by my_paper_heart @ The-Dark-Arts

I sit here and wait for his return. I'd like to believe its worth it, that my feelings for him are worth the wait, even if it means waiting forever and beyond.

The Wrong Sort by luckygurl102

Rated: MA18+ • 4 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Banner by Amnesia at thedarkarts! Harry refused Draco Malfoy’s offer in first year, right before the sorting, right?
Wrong. Harry Potter as you know it is over. He decided to make friends. After being alone all his life, no friends, hardly a family, you can’t blame the boy, can you?
Harry goes into Slytherin, unbeknownst to him all of the history behind this house. And with this decision, he has no idea what life he threw himself into. Draco becomes his friend, and who knew what a simple handshake could cause the Wizarding World, as we know it to change completely.

Boy by Kaylen

Rated: R12+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: I used to know him, back before everything went wrong. I look back on it now though and I just can’t see the same boy he used to be.

For Her Safety by Kaylen

Rated: R12+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: Lovely banner by sammm @ The-Dark-Arts

I couldn’t have both forever; it would all have to end very soon, for her safety and mine.

Dreams by Kaylen

Rated: R12+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: Lovely banner by obviously394 @ The-Dark-Arts

We couldn’t speak forever though. I would wake and have to leave her behind. She was only in my dreams.

Collisions Of The Heart by Eridanus

Rated: R15+ • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Gorgeous banner by .brookeabee @ tda

To let your mind govern your heart is a foolish choice indeed.

Nothing to Hide by Infairi

Rated: MA18+ • 0 Reviews
The next generation of Hogwarts brings with it a new era of tales, romances, and drama. Headmistress Diana Diggory is a perfectionist who believes that her sole purpose in life is to establish a reputation for herself. It would be unwise, then, to fall for a slightly eccentric Charms teacher.

Complicated Hexagon by Jessi

Rated: MA18+ • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Thank you, Cache Dae, for the gorgeous banner! A potion gone wrong sends Hermione back to the year 1978, right into the arms of Sirus Black and James Potter. While her heart leads her astray, time continues to turn, taking Hermione forward to view her decisions and choices before they're even made.

Don't Go by luckygurl102

Rated: R15+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: Banner by .1smallTREE @TDA!
“I don’t want you to go.” He said, dipping her a little, bending her backwards. He grinned down at her, and she returned the grin.

Fighting Voices by Faded

Rated: MA18+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: What curses me, so that everytime I look upon your face with love I see those demons that hold us both in their wicked dance. It hurts us both darling. You need not fight this alone. Beautiful banner by anokasdoll @ TDA

Numbers by datbenik513

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Our lives are ruled by numbers.

Arnold Speaks! by luckygurl102

Rated: R12+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: He couldn’t talk before…So why is it he can speak all of a sudden? A surprise for one thing, help for another. Ginny never trusted things that could talk back to her if she couldn’t see their brain or knew they had one; something her mother always told her. So why is it she’s going around, taking advice from a PIGMY PUFF?

Finally, I'm Starting To Matter by luckygurl102

Rated: R12+ • 1 Reviews starstarhalf-star
Summary: Finally, after many years of wanting, waiting, and hoping...Ginny Weasley is starting to matter to Harry Potter.

The Box by Elena

Rated: R12+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Written for SAY's May Drabble Competition. Prompt was 'Mystery'

The Dare by Horcrux Stealer

Rated: R15+ • 12 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: The next seven days may be the worst days of Ginny Weasley's life...or maybe not. During these seven days, Ginny realizes never to judge a book by its cover.

The Codex by dracosgem

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews


Isolated and alone, Draco Malfoy has fled the confines of his illustrious Manor in an attempt to hide from the sins of his past. Traveling the globe in search of priceless magical artifacts, he makes an unexpected discovery in an Albanian burial tomb. A Muggle Codex hidden amongst a host of magical antiquities.

Intrigued, Draco returns to England to seek counsel from the Ministry's Expert Paleographer, only to find that the new EP is the one person who will force him to confront his past- Hermione Granger.

Coitus Interruptus by pookha

Rated: MA18+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Harry and Ginny try to enjoy a private moment together.

God Save the Queen by dracosgem

Rated: MA18+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Draco Malfoy is on the run from several uncaptured Death Eaters for betraying the Dark Lord in the midst of battle. He has appealed to the Order for protection and Harry Potter has agreed to hide Draco from the looming threat...IN DRAG...

Join Draco as he hides from Death Eaters, learns to deal with a set of new assets, and falls in love in the wizarding world's most exclusive gay nightclub...The Pink Thestral!!