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Honest Conversations by PhoenixRoseQueen

Rated: R12+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstar
Summary: The Next in the Confessions of the Heart soon-to-be series. Remember Sixth year, when Ron and Lavender seemed to be, well, snog-happy? Well, this is how it all started. Okay, not all, but here is the first date.

Stupid Boy by Barbara

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star

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Hermione Granger has to watch some disguting snogging scenes in the Gryffindor common room. What is she thinking at the moment?

Song is by Pink: Stupid Girls

The Very Angry Troll Impersonating Hermione by BigTiggaPwnz

Rated: R12+ • 2 Reviews
Summary: Banner | Me

Suffocation never sounded so bad...

Shooting Star by juls

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews
Summary: The war has been over for five years, and the Ministry holds a party at Hogwarts on the anniversary. What happens when Hermione wishes upon a star that shoots through the night? (banner by EllissandrAnne) This story was written for the SAYS Secret Santa project for Anne (Harrystrulove) by me. Merry Christmas!