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The Midnight Games by AnimagusPenguin

Rated: R15+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

Dear Ben,


I never wanted to write this letter. This wasn't how I wanted to explain myself. It was my fondest wish to leave an elegant note upon a yellowed piece of paper, with a stain from my coffee cup at the upper right corner. I would tell you to meet me at some chic cafe in such-and-such time, and you'd arrive to meet me with that letter, creased from years of folding and refolding, still crumpled up in your pocket. We'd sit and chat, and it would be just like old times.

I never imagined that you'd be the one to leave me.


No Hero by Georgia Weasley

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: No Hero for Gluttony

The battle has ended, thanks in part to Neville's bravery. But as the new day breaks, he knows he's no hero.

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Test Anxiety by Georgia Weasley

Rated: GA • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: gluttonytestanxiety

Exams get everyone at Hogwarts wound up and worried, even the best and brightest that walk the halls.

Making It Official by Georgia Weasley

Rated: R15+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Making It Official for Gluttony

Neville and Hannah's wedding day has come, but there is one more requirement before it is "official".

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Born to Fight by Barbara

Rated: MA18+ • 0 Reviews


Summary by wonderful Girldetective85 from eHPF.

Leaving one tyranny only to face another, a young woman must build a new life for herself in a strange country. While at Hogwarts to prepare for joining the Order, she finds happiness, friendship, and even her true love in Remus Lupin. But with the looming threat of war, she finds that the fragile life she has pieced together may be threatened by forces too great to imagine...

Sarah's Musings by Gryffin_Duck

Rated: R12+ • 7 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

I am new to poetry writing, but here is what I have come up with so far.  Hope you enjoy!

Forgotten by emash1994

Rated: R12+ • 1 Reviews

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Isabella feels forgotten by God, so she sends him a prayer.

Bodies at Rest by pookha

Rated: MA18+ • 13 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

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George Krupp has a problem.  He's a Necromancer and he's only ten years old.  He needs help, and calls his only contact in the Wizard world, Harry Potter.

Harry's been having bad dreams and needs to take time off from his job as an Auror when he gets an emergency call from George Krupp.  Events lead him back to Hogwarts.  Along the way, they both come to terms with themselves.

A sequel of sorts to "Graverobbers." 

Pitch by PenguinsWillReignSupreme

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews

Amy Benson and Dennis Bishop: Tom Riddle's first human victims and the story of how they lost their minds.


Even in death, he was victorious.

Violet Stars by PenguinsWillReignSupreme

Rated: R12+ • 0 Reviews

There was something about him that made her think that yesterday might not even have happened.

Xenophilius Lovegood/Mrs Lovegood

Brains! by pookha

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Carissa is waiting for her date, when a zombie bursts into the room!  

I Want Him Dead! by emash1994

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstar

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Rosabel Giordano was just another victim caused by the hands of Lord Voldemort, her father. She gets her chance to revenge him when Dumbledore asks her to help Harry bring down Voldemort. However, Rose had no idea what she was getting herself into. Falling in love, becoming a double agent, and being considered a traitor by a good friend is not what she expected.

Cupid's Calling by TheSeeker

Rated: R15+ • 0 Reviews

That holiday of pink and white. Chocolate and roses. Terrible poetry and teenage romance. For some it's full of wonder and excitement, others find it only a reminder that they're alone. Whatever the reaction, Valentine's Day has much in store.
The second Newsie Challenge at The Golden Snitches. Featuring TGS authors.

In The Name of Quidditch by TheSeeker

Rated: R12+ • 0 Reviews

From its beginnings in Queerditch Marsh to a World Cup that brings together teams from around the globe in one place, Quidditch is an old an honoured tradition in the Wizarding world. Just as Muggles love their football, so Wizards love quidditch. So pick your favourite team, and join the fight for victory.


From The Newsies' Quidditch Challenge at The Golden Snitches

Warning: There are no cliches present in this story by magicmuggle

Rated: MA18+ • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

Warning - this is a parody!fic. No seriousness is intended whatsoever.

This contains an illogical hook up, several OOC characters and no cliches whotsoever. Honest.


The Eye by marinahill

Rated: R12+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

They had time to give to the stillness of the moment, to allow it to run away with them today and abandon thoughts of tomorrow.

Dream of Me by PenguinsWillReignSupreme

Rated: R15+ • 0 Reviews

In the midst of post-revolutionary France, with a family who are trying to find their feet in the constantly changing society, Lena Rousseau seeks an escape deeper than she has ever wanted before. With the help of a superstition, self-belief and the love of a man that the past had never allowed her to consider, she finds all she has looked for, and more.

A Chance by AnimagusPenguin

Rated: R15+ • 1 Reviews starstarstar

I wrote this as an entry to a writing contest. The only requirement was to include the phrase, "I think you should sit down."

Never Give Up by Gryffin_Duck

Rated: R12+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

"I think you should sit down."


The phrase sticks out in my mind as the one I heard just before my life changed forever.  But Cody wasn't going to give up and I certainly wasn't either.  From the moment I heard that phrase, I knew we would have to prove the doctors wrong.

Heritage by DarkLadyofSlytherin

Rated: R15+ • 0 Reviews

Cera learns more than she bargained for on her sixteenth birthday.

Written for the The Golden Snitches Writathon Round One

Hide and Seek by Leslie

Rated: R15+ • 4 Reviews

When she had counted up to 30, the girl opened her eyes and shouted in a shrill, childlike voice, “Ready or not, here I come!” 

She dashed around the backyard, looking in bushes, under the picnic table, and in the playhouse before she ventured into the woods. 

Over by Leslie

Rated: R15+ • 1 Reviews

There was a part of me that wished for the strength that had left the moment Chris had left back.  However, another part of me wanted to curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out.


A Dog's Day by pookha

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews

Caleb Conroy awakens with a pounding headache and a strange yearning for meat.  Soon he's given an offer he can't refuse: Join the Wild Hunt or die.

Grim Fate by DarkLadyofSlytherin

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstar

"Death is the consequence of life."

The killer leaves his message behind at his crime scenes taunting Aurors and the Daily Prophet alike.


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Betaed by: SiriuslyPeeved

Crescendo by DarkLadyofSlytherin

Rated: GA • 0 Reviews

crescendo banner

Voices carried easily around the room, reverberating and echoing off the stone walls only adding to the fact that the Great Hall was indeed not great at all. For Theodore, it was like sitting in a grand opera house with thousands of people chatting at once before the curtains were drawn and the show began.
Banner by (sol) @ TDA || Written in Response to .Indigo's "Obscure Character Challenge" @ TGS