Update to FAQs (Help)

by Elena @ 24/11/16 11:54 PM  

I have added in the reason for Gluttony's strict ToS and Site Rules. I, in no way, want to restrict anyone's creativity. However, I must also be aware of laws and guidelines for hosting this site.


Why is there a MA18+ Rating, but erotica/porn/smut is not allowed?


I live in Australia with Australian hosting. I must abide by the laws implemented in the country that I reside. I must abide by my hosts Acceptable Use Policy: Sections 1, points B and C:


  • Publishing, downloading or transmitting any Prohibited Content or Potentially Prohibited Content. This includes content which is or would be classified RC, X18+ or R18+ by the Classification Board


  • Publishing, downloading or transmitting Restricted Content, that is content that is likely to be considered unsuitable for minors without using appropriate warnings and/or labelling systems for that content.