by Elena @ 15/01/10 8:34 AM  

EDIT: The forums are unlocked. Happy reading and reviewing, everyone :)


The Jan/Feb Review-A-Thon begins in 1.5hrs. I will open the official threads then, so you may review and post your links.

If you wish to sign up, you may do so by going to the forums and posting on the sign up thread. You may enter at any time during the 4 weeks, as the winner is determined by how many non-one liner reviews are made, within the 4 weeks the competition runs for :)

Have fun, and good luck :)

New Skin

by Elena @ 12/01/10 7:52 PM  
I have added a new skin called 'vision'. This is a very plain, basic skin meant for mobile devices or for the visually impaired.

Featured Stories

by Elena @ 11/01/10 2:34 PM  
I have updated the Featured Stories list for the month. Congratulations to all who made it in. I selected the first 5 stories in the most recent list, that have banners, and the first story by an author in the list (if more than 1 story is in list, the first story gets selected.

Affiliate News

by Elena @ 09/01/10 3:38 PM  
OpenBookSociety.com needs your help. We are looking for dedicated hard-working individuals to help keep this site running. All positions are volunteer.

Open positions:

  • News blog posters (writing experience helpful.) – We need someone to cover the morning shift, posting news about an hour each weekday.
  • Book club chapter summaries (read book, write chapter summaries.)
  • YA Book Club managers/chapter summary writers.
  • OBS Speaks Out Writers (writing articles on anything relating to a supernatural series, character(s), authors, etc…)
  • Supernatural TV/Movie Reviewers
  • Book Reviewers
  • Original content writers
  Join our team and have fun while you read, write and discuss your favorite Supernatural series, books, movies and television programs. If you are interested in any of the above positions, please contact us for more information. Thanks!   -- ~Christina OBS Staff http://openbooksociety.com/

New Admin

by Elena @ 06/01/10 11:45 PM  

Georgia_Weasley has been promoted and is a new Admin on Temperance :) I'm sure she will be an asset to us all.

If you would like to apply to be on staff, please go here: Staff Positions

Jan/Feb Review-A-Thon

by Elena @ 05/01/10 9:41 AM  

The sign up thread is now open. You must be signed up to the forums and sign up on the proper thread to participate :) To sign up now, go here: Jan/Feb Review-A-Thon Sign Up

The Review-A-Thon will go for 4 weeks and will start Midnight, January 16, 2010 (Standard Eastern Australian Daylight Savings Time) and ends at 11:59pm, February 13, 2010 (Standard Eastern Australian Daylight Savings Time).

The Official Rules are as follows:

1. No one liners - The point of this competition is to generate some good reviews for the authors. Be CC or as fangirl as you like, but I want to see reviews that contain more than one line.

2. You must be a member of Gluttony and Temperance.

3. You must post your reviews in your official thread. This way, I can keep track of what's going on, check your reviews to make sure they count and YOU can see everyone else's progress.

4. You must be 18+ to enter. If you are under this age, please ask your parents/guardians if you may enter.

5. By signing up, you agree to abide by the rules stated here.

6. Have fun!! - You have 4 weeks to read and review, plus add more stories to the archive to be read and reviewed!

The Prize: 1st Place - A $30 Amazon gift voucher.

The Official Threads:

This is where you'll see your penname. When you have reviewed, you must post the story title, link to the review and how many reviews you made for that story. I'll have this is a general 'code' in the first post of your thread, as well as the total count of your reviews.


by Elena @ 04/01/10 10:11 PM  

Temperance, the forums, has a brand new look :) Over the coming days, there will be a selection of styles to choose from, so you can alter the way the forums look yourself.

Also look out for the sign up thread for the Review-a-thon. I will open that up over the next couple of days.

Staff Positions

by Elena @ 04/01/10 5:09 AM  

Gluttony and Temperance do not run by themselves. Although we are still a small community, I hope to see more activity over the next few months, especially with Gluttony's 3rd birthday approaching.

I am now inviting members to apply for positions on Gluttony and Temperance. These positions are:

Admin - Must be 18yrs and over, and your main duties will be to help me make the executive decisions and help with activities and all-round fun for the archive and forums, plus anything else we may decide.

Validators x 2 Positions - Must be 18+ due to the content that may pass through the queue. Submissions are low and your time needed here is minimal, however, I will need more people willing to help in this area as there are other areas that need to be looked at and not just the story validating.

Moderators x 4 positions - Must be 15+. Main duties will be to moderate the archive and forums, report any TOS violations, and help with activities on both sites.

Time required: As much or as little as you can give. These positions are voluntary, so I will only request that you spend as much of your free time that you are willing to provide. Not much is required; however some more hands on deck would help things move more effectively.

You may now apply to be a staff member at any time. To do this, you must be a member of Temperance and use the Application Form. Once it is submitted, I will look over your application, and get back to you once I have reached a decision.

Merry Christmas

by Elena @ 25/12/09 5:13 AM  
I hope everyone here has a great and safe Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, then I hope you have a good day, anyway ;)


by Elena @ 19/12/09 6:17 PM  
I know we haven't gotten the holidays over with yet, however, I do want to announce when the next Review-A-Thon will be held.

Starting from January 16, 2010 and running till the 13th of February. The Winner will be announced on Feb 14, Valentines Day and also Gluttony's 3rd Birthday :) The prize this time will be a $30 Amazon Gift Voucher to the lucky winner. The sign up thread will be available after the new year.

Other competitions and prizes will be up for grabs, however, I'll announce those at a later date.

New Affiliate

by Elena @ 14/12/09 2:41 AM  

We have a new Affiliate :)


Sherbet Lemons & Acid Pops is a Harry Potter World based, text RPG. Created by my dear friend, Angel, and has a relaxing atmosphere in which to RP (Role Play) an original character in a world that is loved by so many. If you love Harry Potter and enjoy role playing, sign up and enjoy playing in a magical world we all wish was real.

New Forum Discussions

by Elena @ 12/12/09 12:17 AM  

I am open for new fandom requests. To see more fandoms open on Gluttony, please go here to make your request: Request New Fandom

I also have Christmas/Holiday threads open to just chat away :)

Image Gallery

by Elena @ 09/12/09 2:26 AM  
Temperance now has an image gallery. You can not hot link from here, however, members can showcase their work (especially if you are a Graphic Artist). Banners, Avatars and Signature graphics only. A Maximum of 50 images per member can be stored and all Image rules apply.

New Skins and Christmas

by Elena @ 06/12/09 12:50 AM  

Hello everyone :)

I'm getting the site ready for the festive season..so if you have a story that is related to Christmas, make a comment to this entry and I'll add it to the featured list.

Also, there are two new skins. Berrygood and Blueberry :) Ihope you enjoy. Also, the forums are transforming into a Christmas theme, so if you are bored or just want to get into the Christmas or Holiday spirit, pop on over and share your stories about this time of year.

Featured Authors

by Elena @ 14/11/09 7:07 PM  
I have been quite busy lately and lost track of my featured authors. I have now caught up and proud to announce that the featured authors are:

November - wytchkitty13

October - pookha

September - Georgia Weasley

August - datbenik513

Congratulations :) And I'm so sorry this is late. To view all the interviews, please go here: Featured Author

New Fan Doms

by Elena @ 12/11/09 11:08 PM  

As the year draws near to ending, a new, fresh year is on the horizon. I am now exploring the idea of opening up Gluttony to more Fan Doms.

This can ONLY work if there is enough interest or demand for it and if the members are willing to contribute to those fan doms.

Many of us older fans are moving on, meaning, we are moving away from our beloved Fan Fic and heading into the Original Fiction world. However, that doesn't mean the end of Fan Fiction, it just means I am willing to give you members a bit more freedom as to what will be accepted here.

I will also need new staff members to overlook these fan doms. This means new Admins, Validators and moderators. These are positions that are voluntary, meaning, it is unpaid work, done in your own time.

I do not ask much of my staff and we work fairly well together and independantly. I do not demand any specific time to dedicate, as I find that is unrealistic to our real life selves. 

I also have a NEW project in the works. Luxuria is a text based RPG (Role Playing Game). This will be based on multi-fan doms as well as just 'the real world'.

Please think about this information as I will soon be asking for suggestions and calling for more staff members. It is advised that you join the Forums. Temperance is rather dead, however, it is the BEST place for members to discuss the archives and the stories on it. It is also the place I ask members to place votes etc. You do not have to be a regular member there, just check in every now and then to find out what's going on and drop in your opinion if you wish to.

The P. I. Awards - Final Winners List

by Elena @ 10/11/09 11:53 PM  
The Final Winners List. Congratulations everyone, especially Bella Portia, who seems to be the members hot pick. This is simply a testament to Bella's dedication to Gluttony, her writing and her talent for telling a story that sticks in our mind. Thank you smile.gif

Thank you also to everyone who participated in nominating and voting. Without you all, there would be no P. I. Awards.

Winners can pick up their award in the thread. All links rated 12+

The Best Of's:

Winner for Best Reviewer - Bella_Portia & Holly_Ilex

Winner for Best Writers Forum - eHPF

Winner for Best Collaboration - eHPF for Defining Moments

Winner for Best 'Fan Girl' Reviewer - Holly Ilex

Winner for Best Twilight Fan Fic - Romina Stephanie for How a Resurrection Really feels

The Era's:

Winner for Best Hogwarts Era - reallyginny for Never Alone

Winner for Post-Hogwarts Era - Georgia Weasley for In a Family Way.

Winner for Next Generation Era - JLHufflepuff for Visions of Greatness

Winner for Best Pre-Hogwarts Era - SiriuslyPeeved for Unwritten.

Winner for Best Marauder Era - Aurora Dawn for Mischief Managed.

The Genres:

Winner for Best Drama - Apollyon for The Phoenix King

Winner for Best Romance - purpleheart for Hogwarts Revisited.

Winner for Best Angst -Bella_Portia for Wizard's Sabbath: Prologue.

Winner for Best Action/Adventure - Apollyon for The Phoenix King.

Winner for Best Canon - ginwannabe for Veterans of Hogwarts.

Winner for Best AU (Alternate Universe) - purpleheart for Hogwarts Revisited and datbenik513 for Shadowlands.

Winner for Best Humour - Georgia Weasley for Full Marks and WeasleyTwinMom for Charlie the Dragon Hunter

Winner for Best Mystery/Suspense - BKL8088 for Dust

The Lengths:

Winner for Best Novel - Holly_Ilex for Having Both is a Blessing and wytchkitty13 for Jealousy Games and Deadly Consequences.

Winner for Best One-Shot - Georgia Weasley for Full Marks, reallyginny for Drifting, and BKL8008 for One of Our Own.

Winner for Best Short Story - bakaprincess for My Guardian Angel

Winner for Best Trilogy/Series - Pookha for Graverobbers and Bodies at Rest

Winner for Best Drabble - Elena for My Obsession

The Originals:

Winner of the Best Original Character (Fan Fiction) - Holly Ilex for Anastasia Twigg-Jones in Having Both is a Blessing

Best Original Character (Original Fiction) - No nominations
Best Original Story - No nominations

The Ships:

Winner for Best Ship - SiruslyPeeved for Severus/Lily in Unwritten.

Winner for Best Unusual Pairing - datbenik513 for Hermione/Harry/Luna in Shadowlands

The Shrieking Shack Members Choice Awards:

Winner for Member's Choice (Story) - Bella_Portia for Wizard's Sabbath: Prologue.

Winner for Member's Choice (Author) - Bella_Portia

Winner for Member's Choice (Beta) - Bella_Portia

Winner for the Member's Choice (Graphic Artist) - Marauder By Night and Violet

The P.I. Awards

by Elena @ 09/11/09 6:08 AM  
There is less than 24hrs to vote in the remaining polls. If you haven't voted already, please head on over to the forums and get your votes in now :)

Thank you and Temperance

by Elena @ 04/11/09 12:04 AM  

A HUGE Thank You must go out to Purpleheart :) She pointed out to me that the Anti-Bot question wasn't on the registration form and she kept getting an error message when trying to register to the forum.

If anyone else has this problem, I am very sorry. It would seem that I lost two whole lines of coding somehow. It has been fixed now and if any other errors are found, please don't hesitate to contact me: admin[at]gluttonyfiction[dot]com

Vote for the P.I. Awards and some winners announced

by Elena @ 26/10/09 7:13 AM  
Voting in the P.I Awards is now open. Where only 1 nomination was made, I declared the Winner and issued the award. To view the voting and winners list, go here: Vote Now for the P.I. Awards and Congratulate Winners

The P. I. Awards

by Elena @ 13/10/09 12:07 PM  
No-one has nominated in the Shreiking Shack (Members choice) category yet. Please get your nominations in now!

The P. I. Awards and New Members

by Elena @ 09/10/09 2:21 AM  

The P.I. Awards were supposed to close tonight. I will, however, leave them open until my Tuesday (in the U.S. that is your Monday).

Welcome to all the New Members :) Don't be afraid to contribute to the archive, just pay attention to the submission rules. If you are here just to read, hopefully you'll leave a review or two for our wonderful authors.If you have any questions, you can contact the staff via email or on the forums.

No matter why you are here, we welcome you and hope you enjoy your time here.

The P. I. Awards are now Open!

by Elena @ 02/10/09 8:12 AM  

I'm sorry this is late, however, the Pure Indulgence Awards are now open. I'll leave it for a day longer as I opened a day late :) So you may now head on over to the forums to vote.

Review-A-Thon Winner

by Elena @ 28/09/09 8:34 PM  
Congratulations to datbenik513 who has won the Review-A-Thon, with a total of 65 reviews, and recieves the $20 Amazon Gift Voucher.

Pure Indulgence Awards and Review-A-Thon

by Elena @ 28/09/09 6:23 AM  

The Pure Indulgence Awards will start from the 1st of October. Nominations will run for a week, voting the next week and awards handed out after that.

For those who don't know what the P.I. Awards are, its Gluttony's Award system for the best of stories in various categories. There are MANY categories, so everyone really has the opportunity to win in at least one category.

The only rules are: You must be a member of Gluttony and Temperance (the forums), do not nominate your own story, do not vote for yourself, and you may only nominate stories on Gluttony.

To me, it is also pointless to ask friends to vote for your story. You may get a pretty award at the end, but you aren't winning it based on the fact your readers love your story...And this is what its really about.

This is a way to really honour the author's you admire and love to read their stories, or to thank the best reviewer you know or just to say thanks to an Author who gave you a really great ship to sail.

The Review-A-Thon ends in less then 24 hours. So if you are participating, you must post your review links in your offcial thread so they can be counted.