Restricted Section

by Elena @ 02/01/12 4:51 AM  

Gluttony will be opening up a Restricted Section. This is a place that will be password protected and only members I trust will be able to access this area. The Restricted Section will be a place where you can let go of the normal boundries of Gluttony's rules, and let your creativity take over.


by Elena @ 31/12/11 2:18 PM  

When I re-open the Forum, you will all need to sign up again. Unfortunately, I cannot restore the database, so I have to start from scratch :(

Still working on it...

by Elena @ 23/11/11 3:35 AM  

I know, I'm going slowly...

I'm working on the site :)

Sorry for the delays...

by Elena @ 23/10/11 12:02 PM  

I'm dedicating some time tonight to update Gluttony and validate current submissions.

I wish Gluttony had a 'like' feature sometimes ;) Facebook really is the worst procrastination tool ever invented...

Gluttony is Open

by Elena @ 06/10/11 11:53 AM  

Gluttony is OPEN!!!

I'm still fixing skins and adding the old ones back, but you can once again access your accounts and read, review and submit :)

Gluttony is ALMOST back :)

by Elena @ 10/09/11 2:38 PM  

Okay, database has been restored and now just have to tweak the site to update all the modifications I made, and we'll be up and running again :)

Thank you for bearing with me :)

July Novel Writing Month

by Elena @ 01/07/11 2:48 AM  

Can't join the official National Novel Writing Month in November? Then no worries, Join the July Novel Writing Month...Starting NOW!!! ;) http://forum.julnowrimo.com/

Updated Rule

by Elena @ 02/04/11 10:45 AM  

Hi my fellow writers :)

I have updated my rule on 'Self Harm'. This is the new rule:

Self-Harm - UPDATED: As long as this subject is not glorified, we will consider stories of this nature. Please contact the Admin team in regards to this subject.

Please, do not test me on this - I will begin to allow more content and perhaps re-consider my position on some subjects, however, abuse of these re-rulings will result in the original rule to be re-instated and ALL stories that do not abide by that rule will be deleted from the archive if they do not change the content.

So please, take this time and opportunity to enjoy some of the freedoms that come your way. I only ask that you treat these changes with respect :)

Happy Australia Day

by Elena @ 25/01/11 10:47 PM  

January 26th is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain, and the raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove by its commander Captain Arthur Phillip, in 1788.

We not only celebrate this day to remember our past, but also to unite Australians, no matter where you are origionally from, and celebrate living in this fantastic country of ours.

I wish everyone a very Happy Australia Day, and please remember that even on a day like today, the victims of the Queensland floods and Victoria floods are still cleaning and rebuilding their lives. Please donate if you can: Donate to the disaster relief appeal

Queensland Floods

by Elena @ 11/01/11 8:50 PM  

It has been a horrible time in Queensland recently, with most of the state declared a natural disaster zone. 9 lives confirmed dead, 4 of which were children and many more missing. It is a hard time for Queenslanders and the water is still coming. If the drought wasn't enough, mother nature is now unleashing too much water upon us and I can only sit at home and watch in horror as others live it.

My thoughts go out to anyone out there who is affected by this latest tragedy and Australian's will pull together and help each other out as we have in the past.


by Elena @ 06/01/11 10:56 AM  

Members may now submit fan works for the author Jim Butcher. Please be aware of a new rule that has been created for this category - it is this way because it is the only way the author will allow fan works to be displayed on the internet.

Rule 24 - Jim Butcher Fan Fiction: Any stories submitted under this category MUST have this disclaimer in the 'Author's Notes' section: "The Dresden Files/Codex Alera is copyright Jim Butcher. This story is licensed under the Creative Commons as derivative, noncommercial fiction. - Failing to add this disclaimer or removing it will result in the rejection or deletion of your story from Gluttony.

Please respect the rights of the original author and have fun :)

Welcome back...

by Elena @ 04/01/11 2:23 AM  

Please welcome ForgottenFace back as a Validator :) It's great to have her back.

Happy New Year's

by Elena @ 30/12/10 10:29 PM  

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year and see you all in 2011 :)

Happy Christmas

by Elena @ 25/12/10 8:14 PM  

To all my wonderful members, I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas (holiday, or other celebratory day). Stay safe and I look forward to more fun in 2011.

I have updated the Featured Stories list with various Christmas stories, so I hope you enjoy.

A note from the Admin

by Elena @ 12/12/10 6:01 AM  

Hi to all my lovely members :)

I'm sorry I have been absent and the site has slowed down. Real life has been chatoic, and only getting busier at this time of year.

Some of you may already know, but I am also working on a manuscript that I hope to get published, so this has also taken much of my time.

However, I'd like to welcome Georgia Weasley back as a Validator. She re-joins myself and Pookha as your admin team.

Christmas is fast approaching and I'm calling for all of your festive stories to be left as a comment and I'll update the Featured Stories list.

Hopefully the new year will bring in more time and to get this site back to its normal pace

Want to Volunteer?

If you have time and want to help out here, pop on over to the forums and sent me a message. Help is always appreciated and I have a few projects that have been placed on hold because I don't have the time required to work on them. Aside from the story archive, I do have a 'News' site that was supposed to get up and running as well as a multi-world RPG.

So if you want to help out in any way, just let me know and we can work things out :)

Software Update

by Elena @ 22/10/10 9:50 PM  

The site will be down shortly so I can back-up files and update the efiction software :)

EDIT: Okay, I've updated. If you come across any errors/bugs/glitches etc., please leave a comment and I'll look into it.

Also, I know I removed some story info like Character's etc. If there is something that is missing, let me know so I can fix that too :)

Runners Up

by Elena @ 03/10/10 9:22 PM  

Because there were so few nominations, I could not go without honouring the Nominee's (runners up) in the voting categories. We really do have some very gifted Authors here at Gluttony and they were nominated by their peers for a reason. So here is a gift for those that didn't win, but were nominated :) Click on name to collect gift.

The Best Of's:

The Hogwarts Era's:

The Genres:

The Lengths:

The Originals:

The Shrieking Shack Members Choice Awards:

The remaining Winners for the PI Awards

by Elena @ 02/10/10 11:04 PM  

After the voting, here are the remaining winners :) Congratulations to you all.

The Best Of's:

The Hogwarts Era's:

The Genres:

The Lengths:

The Originals:

The Shrieking Shack Members Choice Awards:

Thank you again to all who participated this year, and congratulations to everyone who was nominated and to the winners :)


by Elena @ 23/09/10 11:36 PM  

The issue with voting seems to be a skin coding issue. I will be changing the default skin so voting can take place. There may be some glitches in the skin as I go through the code to fix things. I will settle on a new default skin permanently when I have decided which I like better - Or you all tell me which...LOL...


by Elena @ 22/09/10 10:18 PM  

I'm fixing some code, so you may encounter some errors when accessing the forum. Don't panic though ;)

Vote in the PI Awards and some Winners Announced

by Elena @ 22/09/10 8:26 AM  

I'm sorry this has taken so long, but here is the list of Voting threads and Winners by default. Please click on links to collect awards, all titled links rated 12+.

Thank you to all who participated in nominations and congratulations to all who have won so far :) You are all truly deserving.

The Best Of's

The Hogwarts Era's

The Genres

The Lengths

The Originals

The Ships

  • Winner for Best Ship (Harry Potter) - Georgia Weasley for 'Draco/Asteria' in 'Enough'

  • Best Ship (Other Fan Dom) - No Nominations

  • Best Unusual Pairing (Other Fan Dom) - No Nominations

  • Best Unusual Pairing (Harry Potter) - No Nominations

The Shrieking Shack Members Choice Awards

Disclaimer: Awards made by Elena using graphics from outlawbydesign.com (M)

I know...

by Elena @ 22/09/10 2:22 AM  

I suck, I'm sorry.

I'm fixing up the PI threads now.

The PI Awards

by Elena @ 13/09/10 7:36 PM  

I'm so sorry everyone. Life simply has me at the moment. I'll get the winners awards out today and voting forums up so you can vote :)

We Remember

by Elena @ 12/09/10 5:46 AM  

9 years on, and we still cannot forget that devastating day. I can remember exactly what I was doing the night the reports were coming in on the TV and history has changed forever. We here, at Gluttony, send our thoughts and prayers to the families and loved ones who lost someone that day. It still astounds me that the people of New York overcame such a tragedy and banded together to not allow terrorism beat them. 11/9 touched so many of us from all corners of the world and we will forever remember the fallen, the heroes and the survivors.

Happy Fathers Day

by Elena @ 05/09/10 12:14 AM  

To all of Gluttony's Dad's and Single Mum's, I hope you have a very Happy Father's Day (even though it may not be fathers day in your country) :)