Extending Nominations

by Elena @ 01/09/10 2:10 AM  

Due to the late start in nominating, I'll extend till the end of this week (5th September, standard eastern Australian time). Once they close, I'll set the polls for voting.

For those who have decided to participate, thank you :) Depending on the level of nominations, this may be the last year the awards run. So make sure you get them in and thank your fellow Authors :)

The Pure Indulgence Awards

by Elena @ 21/08/10 8:10 AM  

The Pure Indulgence Awards is a way to honour and to thank your fellow fan fiction and original fiction writers. It is a way to thank others who have been brave enough to post up stories for us all to read and comment about. WE KNOW how hard it is to write something, post it up, and have it criticised, and we love it when it's loved.

But please, do not bring these kinds of award systems down to just nominating/voting for ‘friends'. Gluttony has a whole archive of wonderful stories, drabbles and poems all written by its wonderful members. WE are all friends here, a small community of writers brought together by a common bond, and that is the love of writing (and mostly, Harry Potter).

I have NEVER forced my members to participate, and I will not do that now. I will say that it is up to you if the awards run, how they run and what stories get nominated and voted for. I had very little participation last year, but for those that did nominate/vote, I thank you for being so kind and dedicated.

There are 36 categories to nominate people in. If you ARE worried about your friends, I'm sure there are enough categories for you to nominate each one of them in. The categories are:

1.       Best Writers Forum/Site

2.       Best Reviewer

3.       Best Collaboration

4.       Best 'Fan Girl'/'Fan Boy' Reviewer

5.       The Best Twilight Fan Fic

6.       Marauder

7.       Next Generation

8.       Pre-Hogwarts

9.       Post-Hogwarts

10.   Hogwarts

11.   Drama

12.   Romance

13.   Angst

14.   Action/Adventure

15.   Canon

16.   AU (Alternate Universe)

17.   Humour

18.   Mystery/Suspense

19.   Novel

20.   Short Story

21.   Trilogy/Series

22.   Drabble

23.   One-Shot

24.   Best Original Story

25.   Best Original Character (Original Fiction)

26.   Best Original Character (Fan Fiction)

27.   Best Ship (Other Fan Dom)

28.   Best Ship (Harry Potter)

29.   Best Unusual Pairing (Other Fan Dom)

30.   Best Unusual Pairing (Harry Potter)

31.   Member's Choice (Graphic Artist)

32.   Member's Choice (Beta)

33.   Member's Choice (Author) - Other Fan Dom

34.   Member's Choice (Author) - Harry Potter

35.   Member's Choice (Story) - Other Fan Dom

36.   Member's Choice (Story) - Harry Potter

The future of the award system is up to you. You are the members, you are the people who make Gluttony what it is. If you chose to participate, I hope you have fun :) If not, I hope you continue to enjoy what Gluttony has to offer.

The P. I. Awards are NOW OPEN!

by Elena @ 09/08/10 5:40 AM  

The Pure Indulgence Awards are NOW OPEN for nominating. Please pay attention to the few simple rules below and nominations are open till the end of the month (31 August - Standard Eastern Australian Time - Check main page of Gluttony or Temperance for the time and date).

Rules for Nominating

1. You MUST be a member of Gluttony and Temperance
2. Be honest and fair and DO NOT Nominate Yourself

  • a. Only Stories/Author's on Gluttony are allowed to be nominated.

  • b. The only exception to this rule are for the following categories: Best Writers Forum, Member's Choice (Beta) and Member's Choice (Graphic Artist).

  • c. For the above categories, please be sure that the Site/Member is aware that you are nominating them. It IS possible that the site/member does not want to participate in a system like this.

4. Nominate once only in each category.
5. Collaborations - You MAY nominate for the collaboration you are a part of. I have set up the questions to allow for you to say that you are a part of it and you must say what your level of participation was.
6. Have Fun!

The Pure Indulgence Awards

by Elena @ 07/08/10 9:05 AM  

Its that time of year again. I'll be updating the forums in the next week for the 2010 Awards. Keep your eyes open for when Nominations open, update or get in those stories for people to read, read and review the wonderful stories here so you know what to nominate and vote for. There are MANY categories, so your chances of walking away with an award is pretty high :) Here are some sample awards:

Hi and an apology

by Elena @ 05/08/10 1:50 AM  

Hello members :)

I'm sorry I have been MIA, I have essay's to do, a house to unpack and kids to settle down, so life has been chaotic!

This doesn't mean we aren't going ahead with anything here at Gluttony ;) The new Jim Butcher category is being worked on and plans to get the new RPG and Newspaper up and running are still there too.

If you are interested with helping with any of these things, please do not hesitate to contact us, or drop a line into us over at the forum.

Site Down Time

by Elena @ 16/07/10 3:01 AM  

Around 8:30pm tonight, the site may be down for a period of time. I'm not sure how long the down time will be, it is due to an unscheduled outage by my host server. My apologies in advance.

New Fan Doms Opening

by Elena @ 10/07/10 4:30 AM  


This is posted on Jim Butcher's site, dated April 29, 2010 (Thanks to Georgia_Weasley for bringing this to my attention)

Note: This new policy was put in place on the forum several months ago, but we felt it needed to be announced in a more public place!

We are pleased to announce that Jim is altering his stance on fanfiction, much like Mercedes Lackey did last October. Rather than upholding the awkward "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy towards fanfiction he used in the past, Jim is embracing the Creative Commons. Now, fanfiction is to be licensed as derivative, noncommercial fiction under the Creative Commons umbrella.

What does this mean?

A) You can't make money from fanfic based on Jim's work.
B) Jim still isn't going to read it. (Wouldn't you rather he spend that time writing the next book, anyway?) Do not send Jim your stories or story ideas.
C) You need to post a disclaimer on your fic, like this handy example: "The Dresden Files/Codex Alera is copyright Jim Butcher. This story is licensed under the Creative Commons as derivative, noncommercial fiction." In doing so, you waive any rights to that work--you can't sue Jim for compensation if he writes something similar.
D) Fanfic can now be talked about in places that had previously been off-limits, like our forum. We've created a separate "Fan Creations" section of the forum for for this purpose.
E) Ponies and ice cream for everyone!*

* This is not actually a byproduct of the new policy. Sorry.

Happy writing, folks!

Also, I may be opening up a section for Cassandra Clare. Please WAIT till I officially open this category before you post any stories :)


by Elena @ 07/05/10 11:03 PM  

The forums should be okay to use now. There have been a few glitches that work themselves out, but if you do come across any, just let me know and I'll get on to fixing it.

Tomorrow, Sunday May 9th, is Mother's Day in Australia. So to all Mother's, and in some cases, Dad's - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!

If you have a story about mothers/parents - Comment to this news post about which story it is and I'll have it featured :)


by Elena @ 16/04/10 3:52 AM  

ATT: ALL MEMBERS: Temperance is going through an update to try and clear a few errors. Please be patient with me while I re-install a few things. If you need to contact me, please use the Contact feature on the site, or: admin@gluttonyfiction.com

Reviewers needed

by Elena @ 03/04/10 8:52 PM  

With Gluttony's new News site being opened, I am in need of a reviewer. Basically, your roll will be to read and review stories (fan fic), for the Newspaper. If this is something you'd be interested in, please contact me: admin@gluttonyfiction.com

Also I still am in need of a couple of reporters.

April's Featured Stories

by Elena @ 02/04/10 8:29 PM  

I have updated this months Featured Stories. Congratulations to all who made it in this month.

New Project

by Elena @ 26/03/10 3:33 AM  

Hello everyone :)

I have decided that its time for some new things to happen, here at Gluttony. So I will be opening up Gluttony's own news paper/magazine. This will feature the Author of the month, featured stories, general news from the fan fic world, and loads more.

If you would be interested in working (volunteering) to be on the Staff for this project, then please email me: admin@gluttonyfiction.com

Submission Rule Update

by Elena @ 14/03/10 1:42 AM  

I have changed a couple of rules. Here they are:

  • Self-Harm - This is NOT allowed at anytime. Writing an angst-y piece can be quite descriptive enough without needing to venture into self-harm.

  • Suicide - Descriptive, or glorifying cases of suicide is NOT allowed at anytime. However, you may deal with these issues in a tactful manner. Stories of this nature must hold a rating no less than R15+ with Strong Teen Violence warning. The staff reserves the right to accept or reject stories of this nature on a case by case basis.

Welcome and a reminder

by Elena @ 25/02/10 6:49 PM  

I'd like to welcome ALL the new members we've had recently :) It is exciting to see some new names.

With that said, I'd like to remind you all of the Tutorial section. This is designed to help you get used to how Gluttony works. You can access the tutorials via the category section on the side menu (depending on which skin you are using).

Also, the forums are a good place to post your questions, so don't be afraid to sign up :) We do have a Blogging system over there and this is used as a 'Get to know you' feature. It is not for personal blogging, but more for your stories, to give updates, your thoughts or any other news related to writing :) So I hope to see you there.

Remember, participation here is completely up to you :) However, if there is anything you'd like to see happen here, any suggestions, or if you have an idea that will help you settle in better, just let me know.

A Reminder

by Elena @ 21/02/10 6:55 PM  

Hello my lovely members :)

With a new influx of members, which I am very happy about, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all of a few things.

There are many sites we all frequent, and every site has its 'issues'. Gluttony isn't without its own either (my poor ghost town of a forum!). Regardless of all this, I would like to present you with the Virtual Closet! *shows off the closet*, Pretty, huh? What ever issues we have attached to us, in regards to other places on the internet, belong in here. Hang them up, and dust off your feet before you enter here.

Outside of Gluttony, I am a member of other sites, participate, and post my stories on other archives too. So I know what it is like to be just a 'member' as well as a site owner. However, when it comes to Gluttony, all other issues are left behind. With that said, if any member here, at any time, has an issue in regards to the rules, other members, the staffing, with me, or any other question or concern, I am just a PM or email away :)

We are a friendly bunch of people here, and I'd like to keep it that way :)


Okay, so the serious stuff is over, back to the fun stuff :) I have updated the Featured Story list. There are 10 new stories now featured to make up for February and March. These stories are to honour the Review-A-Thon particpants and also the new/older members who have jumped right in and have shared their work with us.

Over the next few days, I'll be fixing up places around the archive and updating outdated information etc. If you have any suggestions or would like to see something added here, please let me know. This place is just as much for you all, as well as me.


New Validator

by Elena @ 20/02/10 2:06 AM  

Please welcome and congratulate ForgottenFace :) She is a new edition to the Validator's team here at Gluttony.

EDIT: Also, congratulations to kaityb, for becoming a new Admin/Validator/moderator :)

Staff Applications

by Elena @ 19/02/10 11:59 PM  

Just to let you all know that I have recieved your applications, and am diliberating over them. I will get back to you all soon. If you are interested in becoming a Staff member, please head over to the forum and fill out the application form :)

New Affiliate

by Elena @ 19/02/10 3:36 AM  

I am proud to announce that Gluttony is now an affiliate of The Golden Snitches :) Please check out their site if you have a chance, the people there are very lovely and helpful.

The Golden Snitches is a site dedicated to improving the quality of an author's writing. Each year will be spent primping, preening, pruning and generally helping authors reach new levels writing. During October, there will be a massive awards ceremony where authors will have the chance to win a coveted Golden Snitch award to proudly display for all to see. Every month you have the chance to be promoted. Author Promotions are a privilege earned by the best and most respected authors who have both talent and commitment. TGS image by Lee

Fixing some code

by Elena @ 16/02/10 6:48 PM  

EDIT: Okay, Validators, you can access the queue again, and everyone should be able to see the status of the queue again now. If the queue is cleared, look here to understand what I am speaking of: Queue Status


datbenik513, I'm leaving your story in the queue for a bit, while I fix the coding :) Sorry mate, it will validate soon. VALIDATORS, please leave the queue until further notice!

tinyMCE feature

by Elena @ 14/02/10 2:36 PM  

The tinyMCE feature has been restored. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. If there are any other issues, please do not hesitate to contact me :)

If you do not know what the tinyMCE feature is, please go here to find out: Formatting

Also, if you use the tinyMCE to insert images, you may need to enter in the image description and title to accept the image: Submission Tutorial


Review-A-Thon and Happy Birthday, Gluttony!

by Elena @ 13/02/10 5:54 PM  

Edit: BKL8008 is the winner of the Jan/Feb Review-A-Thon, with a total of 59 reviews.

In second place, we have Holly Ilex with 26 reviews, and in third place, SiriuslyPeeved with 5 reviews.

It was wonderful to see members participating, even if it was just 1 review, as I know life is busy.

Thank you, and CONGRATULATIONS BKL8008!!!!


The review-a-thon is now closed. Official results will be posted shortly.

Today marks Gluttony's 3rd Birthday :) Thank you all so much for being here, and making Gluttony what it is.

Happy Birthday!!!


Edit 2: Another reason to celebrate. For a long time now, Holly Ilex has been a fantastic and valuable member here at Gluttony. At some point, EVERYONE, will get to know this lovely lady, because she reviews almost everything here. Holly Ilex has a remarkable 700 reviews!! I feat that not even I can match. So a HUGE thank you must go out to Holly, I don't know how Gluttony would be without her! HEHEHE! ;)


by Elena @ 09/02/10 8:00 PM  

Just reminding you all that I have Staff positions open. Gluttony is a slow archive, Temperance is a virtual Ghost town, so it isn't like much is needed :) I am busy though with kids, Uni, and life, and it would be nice to have some helpers, and more minds to make the place more exciting and alive.

I am now inviting members to apply for positions on Gluttony and Temperance. These positions are:

Admin - Must be 18yrs and over, and your main duties will be to help me make the executive decisions and help with activities and all-round fun for the archive and forums, plus anything else we may decide.

Validators x 1 Positions - Must be 18+ due to the content that may pass through the queue. Submissions are low and your time needed here is minimal, however, I will need more people willing to help in this area as there are other areas that need to be looked at and not just the story validating.

Moderators x 4 positions - Must be 15+. Main duties will be to moderate the archive and forums, report any TOS violations, and help with activities on both sites.

Time required: As much or as little as you can give. These positions are voluntary, so I will only request that you spend as much of your free time that you are willing to provide. Not much is required; however some more hands on deck would help things move more effectively.

You may now apply to be a staff member at any time. To do this, you must be a member of Temperance and use the Application Form. Once it is submitted, I will look over your application, and get back to you once I have reached a decision.



by Elena @ 08/02/10 7:24 PM  
Okay everyone, there is only 4 more days left of the Review-A-Thon. Get those reviews in and post them in your threads. I'll be closing the threads up at 11:59pm on the 13th. To keep an eye on Australian time, see the clock on the main page of Gluttony, or the forums. I am in GMT +10 (day light savings time).

eFiction Upgrade

by Elena @ 02/02/10 7:21 AM  
I have just upgraded the eFiction software (the archive). If you run into any bugs, or errors, please let me know ASAP.


by Elena @ 30/01/10 12:16 AM  
We are officially half way through the Review-A-Thon. There is 2 weeks left to get your reviews in :)