Name: Bella_Portia (Signed) · Date: 18/12/08 11:07 PM · Chapter: A Stocking for Dobby
I loved this story. I thought you made a beautiful little snapshot of the Weasley family together at Christmas -- all those personalities, with their stocking tradition.

The establishment of a special charity to benefit SPEW was really well done and believable. It was a piece of modern life grafted onto Wizard existence -- the special Christmas stocking at Gringotts was the perfect symbol of the joined worlds.

And, of course, Dobby is such a wonderful and deserving character.

Having Harry give an address over the WWN was another excellent touch -- a familiar "Muggle" event incorporated seamlessly into your story.

And then there was our friend from the Dark Side, Draco. Nice touch, that.
I guess Draco must have been doing the right thing. If he had just been one-upping -- uh, Pansy, right? with that nose -- he would have made sure to send the money off while she was watching. So -- good for him. (I hope he and his son find a kinder, gentler, nicer Mrs. Malfoy to replace Pansy.) Perhaps, if you write a sequel, he could become SPEW's treasurer. After all, the Malfoys were quite good at managing charities.

Lovely last scene with Harry and Lily.

Author's Response:

Thanks, Elizabeth.  Your reviews always are super-appreciated.  I love this little drabble story.  It's one of my favourites that I've written.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the sweet story as your opinion carries a lot of weight with me. 

Dobby's death hit me harder than any other characters death in the whole series.  He epitomized heroic spirit, in some ways even more than Harry did (to me at least).

I usually try to write something familiar to a Muggle to go along with magic, so I'm glad that worked here, as it doesn't always work in my stories. 

Ah, Draco.  I don't necessarily think he's changed a lot, he's still a coward, that's why he can't face down Pansy (written before I knew about Astoria).  But, he still has some conscience and it was his family's elf after all, so ambivalent feelings from Draco.

I actually think I might edit Pansy to Astoria...not sure yet.

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 05/09/08 1:47 PM · Chapter: A Stocking for Dobby

"AW, sweet."

I'm a big house-elf fan and think this story is just wonderful.

Especially the bit with Draco, Pansy and Scorpius.

Now, if I could just find out where to GET a house-elf, my life would be complete.  Mu hubby's had one for 38 years (ME!) When do I get one?  Well, I can dream, can't I?


Author's Response:

Everyone can change and I believe that in DH in the epilogue that we see a bit of a change from Draco in his slight nod.  At the time, I didn't know about Alanna, so this is now definitely AU, oh well.  You can have a house-elf as soon as I can get a brownie (the faerie that is) to do my housework.

This is also a bit out of my norm, as it's not M or teen rated.


Name: Eyriana (Signed) · Date: 29/08/08 5:32 PM · Chapter: A Stocking for Dobby
This is so cute :) Although it's definitely a bit AU, it could also be seen as Harry growing up thanks to how the elves helped him throughout the war (and his life, really). I really like it - especially the bit about Draco and Pansy. An interesting view on them. Kudos! :D


Author's Response:

Thanks for the kind review.  This is quite a departure for me, as I usually write M (18+) rated stories with adult themes, so I really wanted to keep this one a bit more wholesome.  Really, don't you think that Harry would have changed?  or Draco?  Gotta give Draco a chance.


Name: Georgia Weasley (Signed) · Date: 28/08/08 11:21 PM · Chapter: A Stocking for Dobby
This is so sweet! I really thought it would be Hermione that went all out for elfish rights, but it does seem fitting that Harry would want to remember Dobby this way. I really loved the ending, with Pansy screeching, and Draco sending money to Gringotts for Dobby. She learned nothing from the war, while Draco developed into someone who could finally see outside himself. Really good.

Author's Response: I really think that Dobby's death would have affected Harry quite a bit and helped jump him more into the elvish rights thing with Hermione.  I really think Draco could see a direct line on Dobby was treated to how his family treated him and others.  Everyone can change.

Name: Elena (Signed) · Date: 16/03/08 9:19 PM · Chapter: A Stocking for Dobby

Awwwww! This was so cute and just so wonderful of Harry. I also just adored Draco in this story too...see, it's not just a 'bad boy' thing...Even you gave him a heart!! ;)

Author's Response: Yep, I think that Draco could see a direct line in how his family used to treat Dobby to how Dobby died at the hands of one of his relatives, in his own house. I never thought that Draco was truly evil, more taught badly by an evil father and perhaps an evil mother.

Author's Response:

see above, the review did something weird


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