Name: granpa harry (Signed) · Date: 28/01/14 9:11 AM · Chapter: That day in Diagon Alley

I really do enjoy stories of Severus as a good person

thanks for adding to my over flowing memories

Author's Response:

sorry I never responded - family matters ( Hubby's 2 back surgeries and a hip replacement - after falling off the bottom step of a ladder & breaking his leg bone! )

ANYWAY, I'm trying to get a new story submitted ( has to pass Rule#15 first ) and you'll love Severus in this one!!!

Thanks for your review . . . I do enjoy hearing from readers . . . does this old broad's heart good!!!

Name: granpa harry (Signed) · Date: 20/01/11 3:05 PM · Chapter: That day in Diagon Alley

Wonderful story.

Reminded me of before I dated my wife. We worked together in a factory.

I used to stand just out of sight of her as she walked past. Nowadays, I would be consodered a 'stalker'. But 30 years ago, it was Puppy Love.

We were married within a year. Sorry I am off topic.

Your story was terrific. I cannot wait to read another.


Author's Response:

Now that you've read "That day in Diagon Alley" you should start "What goes around . . .comes around . . lost and found . . love" This little one shot fits in there around chapter 5 and you'll be a step ahead as you'll know this "back  story".

Enjoy and I'll get back to your story tomorrow on my day off!

Mom-mom  Holly

Name: datbenik513 (Signed) · Date: 16/04/09 7:18 PM · Chapter: That day in Diagon Alley

I shouldn't have read this. Now I have to read that other fiction of yours, in which reference is made to this particular event :)

A very interesting idea, the meeting of a wizarding expert and a Muggle expert. Although, this Muggle is married to a witch, so the wizarding world is not completely new to him.

I wonder what the Statute of Secrecy says on mixed marriages; how much the Muggle is allowed to know about the Wizarding World.


Severus is quickly becoming one of my favourites; I've read several good stories on him. His skills are unprecedented, his love is endless, his fate is tragic. Nice take on a small event from his life.

Author's Response:

You naughty, naughty boy!

Yes, this goes into the story somewhere areound chapter 5 or 6, but at least you'll know something of the dynamic of Anna and Christopher and Severus when you get to it.

If you want to read a good Severus story (or two) check out http://www.fanfiction.net/u/929501/Emilie_D ( start with "Begine the begine".  Lots of lemons warning, but also it's hysterically funny.

Now you MUST read my 6th and 7th year story. Habve fun, take it slow or you'll do an all-nighter and I'm not going to be responsible of you falling alseep at work! HA!HA!

Again, thakns for the R&R.

Name: gnilworkj (Signed) · Date: 25/11/08 12:44 PM · Chapter: That day in Diagon Alley
Very nice job. Had I read this before reading "What Comes Around" I would have been clued off on his feelings towards her. I much rather liked the surprise in that story in discovering their feelings.

But I still can't help feeling bad for Snape(even after knowing Rowling's feelings towards him as a character) Sometimes good people do bad things. I'm going back to "What Comes Around" to see what happens. I want a happy ending for everyone!!!

Author's Response: I'm a FOOL for happy endings, so have no fear, they ALL get one! ( Except Lucius, Bella, and Baldies Voldie ) But there are lots of things that happen before that 'happy ending' so; "get in, sit down, shut up and hold on", it's gonna be a bumpy ride! Yippee!

Name: Eyriana (Signed) · Date: 16/09/08 11:06 PM · Chapter: That day in Diagon Alley
I like seeing this from Severus's point of view! It's interesting to hear some of his thoughts, especially on Anna; and what I particularly love is that you never actually say that he loves her, but it's evident anyway, in a way. This is very nice; great job!


Author's Response:

Have you ever had such a shock you felt your heart skip a beat and then, BOOM, pound against your ribs.  That's what I wanted to convey as the reaction of Severus when he realizes who Christopher is married to and that she's just a few yards away.   The monumental regrets and the sudden realization that Anna hasn't told this man about him , must have been so puzzling . . astounding, even . .  but then they got to talking about potions and it was the most bizarre situation he'd ever been in, so far, anyhow.

Glad you liked it.   Okay, back to the main story! HE!HE!HE!

Name: ginwannabe (Signed) · Date: 24/08/08 11:09 PM · Chapter: That day in Diagon Alley
Now you have me intrigued.  I will have to read your other story and see more of this Anna.  I liked the picture you painted of Snape picking out the ingredients for himself and Hogwarts.  Dr. Jones is a character I really like, his humor and his laid back attitude, his acceptance of the wizarding world.  Very nicely done.

Author's Response:

Actually, I think you'll get a kick outta my story, to say nothing of the chance of getting 56 reviews during the review-a-thon! HA!HA!

I'm posting the chapters as fast as is reasonable - about 2 a day, or so.  So have fun in my little AU, little being the operative word.{ 350,000words, +/-, for 2 stories & the one shot) I don't know, it just sorta got outta hand.HE!HE!HE!

Thansk for the review, tho! ENJOY!

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