Reviews For A Twist of Fate

Name: ginwannabe (Signed) · Date: 26/08/08 12:05 AM · Chapter: Chapter 1
I like your version of how Lily & James got together.  You did a great job with the characterization of all of them.  I loved the line : Remus slipped in and fanned the flame that would eventually turn into the raging fire consuming both James and Lily.  That was beautiful imagery!

Author's Response: Thanks, Taryn.  I'm glad you think I did these character's justice.  It was a real challenge to me.  I relate with Remus, but the other ones are quite elusive to me.  Thanks for the lovely comment about the 'fanned the flame' line.  I greatly appreciate you reading and reviewing my work.  Can't wait to read some more of yours.  Cheers!

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