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Name: datbenik513 (Signed) · Date: 27/03/09 8:58 AM · Chapter: Obliviate
Eerie, this feeling of deja vu. Later more on that.

I've always wondered about the first 12 years from Hermione Weasley's life, from her pre-Hogwarts era. This was the first story I've read on this subject, and, I need to admit, I immensely enjoyed this small detour to the past.

It's always a bit weird, catching up with people you haven't seen for 10,15,20 years. The same here. While there are million things to discuss, the real talk somehow can't kick off. Here the situation is more complex, as Hermione's attention slips and she says a tiny bit more she'd intended to say.

I have a distant, yet prominent feeling that there must have been something between Hermione and Adrian in the past you didn't want to tell. Body language speaks for thousand words.

An extra, nice addendum is the simple way of how you've framed the essence of the story between the two scenes with Olivia wishing a lemon squash. I like this method, it really emphasizes the story in the frame, just like a nice picture frame adds to the attractivity of the picture itself.

Back to the deja vu. My second fanfic - doomed to rust on my harddrive, due to obvious reasons never published - was about the Trio and Ginny in a restaurant, unexpectedly meeting the real actors playing them in the movies. The solution is 'Obliviate' there as well.

Simple, yet poignant, truly unique story you've got here! I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Author's Response: I did write (and cut) a section where Adrian had a "puppy love" crush on Hermione, but he hardly saw her during Hogwarts summers, and she was avoiding him because of his perceived betrayal at school. You're a perceptive reader ;) I'm very glad you liked the form of the story as well. Thanks as always for your thoughtful review. Thanks so much for your thoughtful review!

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 08/09/08 11:21 PM · Chapter: Obliviate

Handy little spell, ' Obliviate '.

SO, it looks like the park across from 12 Grimmauld Place has been spruced up a bit in the intervening 10 years. Maybe having a famous wizard in the neighborhood has raised the propeerty values.  Or at least gotten the local Improvement Association to get to work to bring the area into the 21st century.

Haven't thought much about Hermione's life pre Hogwarts, but youmade it sound totally plasuible that she was just the was Adrian remembered.

Good one-shot.

Name: ginwannabe (Signed) · Date: 06/09/08 4:17 PM · Chapter: Obliviate
I loved this idea.  Hermione running into an old friend.  I liked how you helped to show what she was like back then.  I can picture how Adrian and Olivia looked just from your quick descriptions. Nice job.

Name: Georgia Weasley (Signed) · Date: 04/09/08 11:36 PM · Chapter: Obliviate
This glimpse into the early childhood of Hermione Granger helps us gain so much insight into who she really was later. The constant teasing, alienation from others, forced her to rely on her books and knowledge. I loved the images of her huge pregnancy, and the memories of her childhood as seen through Adrian's eyes. He was a little too quick there in the end. Hermione had to remedy that. The ending was fantastic. Lovely job.

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