Reviews For Four Years

Name: morgana (Signed) · Date: 25/09/08 5:58 PM · Chapter: September 4
I really like how you show the different personalities, Lily as someone feisty and confident and James as nervous as Harry was with Cho, despite his cool exterior.

The potion making scene was very good and realistic. So, she did go out with Remus too? Oh, I just want to know some more!

Everything seems quite clear apart from the Serius scene, although it could just be because it is AU. Was this taking place just after Lily and James were killed? Hang on, no, it couldn't have been because Harry was born in 1980. I get Sirius also loved Lily and is depressed because she married James.

Interesting story anyhow.

Author's Response: Thanks.. I haven't written much Lily/James and I just did my best to characterize the two. I'm glad it seemed to work out okay. Yes, Lily went out with Remus too.. well, she actually doesn't even go out with James at all here. Well, it's AU so at this point Lily isn't even killed yet. But yes, James was killed here. It's not canon at all, so the dates don't work out. Thanks a lot!

Name: ginwannabe (Signed) · Date: 12/09/08 10:55 PM · Chapter: Prologue
Intriguing.  So Snape was married to Narcissa?  Did I get that right?  I like the way you've created suspense, and curiosity as well described the scenes so well.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, Snape was married to Narcissa.. that part's correct. The beginning is a hint of the future and the next four chapters will go back in the past. It should be a little easier when the next part is posted, which I will do in a sec. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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