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Name: shadowycorner (Signed) · Date: 26/09/08 4:50 PM · Chapter: Part One
Ah well...with little breaks, it only took me an entire day to read. But...after fainting couple of times, making weird noises to somehow express my feelings and actually even swearing and softly weeping, I'm at the end. Though, what kind of an ending was this??? *shakes head* I won't say I hope you'll post the second part soon, YOU WISH you post it up soon, because...I don't know how to explain it, but I think I developed some sort of a nasty addiction. You see, I have nothing against a good Dramione IF it doesn't mean Hermione leaving or cheating Ron. I like it best when Ron's dead. Makes me feel less guilty for reading it. ANYWAY!

First of all, I'm glad I found this because I was desperate to find some distraction while I indulged into writing my TomSr/Merope horrance, which is my random challenge from Gubby. At first I read it one little part.break.next little part. Sure enough, later on those parts became so...dammitijustdontknowtherightword...but, are you FREAKING with me? Are you, like, NORMAL? This writing was...whoa! It was so, so, so GREAT and simply...oh! here's the word...ENTICING! This was complete enticement. I mean, this review is probably going to be horrible because I'm ranting long enough and still didn't EVEN GET TO THE BLOODY POINT OF THE STORY. Eventually it is a part of my plan, don't worry. Oh and pardon the capslock. I am kind of exuberant. Thanks to this story I have woken up from my weird daze of this day and now I feel very bouncy, giddy and thrilled/scandalized/outraged/in love.

So, at first Hermione annoyed me SO MUCH! She was acting like a little child. It seemed off just how much she was against the relationship when Ron, of all people, accepted it! But as the story progressed, I began to understand that perhaps she somehow...UNCONSCIOUSLY felt what could go wrong? You know, woman's sixth sense and all...eerm, irrelevant...what I'm trying to say is that she's been so imperfect and flawed in the story to the point of literal perfection. Well, maybe not entirely, but she was so HUMAN it made me SHUDDER in the BEST POSSIBLE way, I assure you. In some places, she did appear to me as a completely different woman and not Hermione, but whatever...not to say she was out of character or anything, she was great. Sometimes I just didn't get that she would do this and that (shagging Malfoy, for instance). You get my point. But she was so shrewd and wretched she made me sick in places (as a character, not the way you've written her GODNO!), but I still couldn't help...understanding her (even though yeaaah, I kind of never had a secret affair out of marriage, so...) and wishing the best for her. But I will never, ever, ever, ever forgive you/her for breaking Ron's heart in such a way. I mean, I just LOVED your Ron. Even though he wasn't as charming as Draco, even though he didn't complete Hermione in the way she needed to be completed. You see (I assume you do since you wrote it), he COULDN'T! That's such a sad thing. I felt sorry not because his wife committed the sin of infidelity (oh gasp!), but because he just couldn't save the marriage despite trying so bloody hard. He couldn't make her love her and therefore it was almost painful! His desperation and anger and love for Hermione and basically EVERYTHING cracked my heart in the most tragic way in the world of reading fanfiction (i guess i DO have a bit of life). I loved this Ron, because he was the same simple, goofy and loving Ron with his insecurities...coming out on worst in the end. My poor Ron. *hugs Ron* *sticks out tongue at Jessi for putting him through so much torture*

And now, let me get to...yes, Draco and Hermione. I could say I hate you for making me swoon SO MUCH! Because of these two! I've read a few Dramiones, even attempted to write one, but never did I feel so much about the couple as in your story. You describe their passion and destructive need so perfectly it almost made me climb up my walls. Every moment of theirs, every word, every kiss, every touch was like...um, let me describe the scene to you: I sat, stared and read and read and read, simply staring with my mouth agape and heart hammering. You hear me, Jessi? Not beating, HAMMERING! I could quote all their parts. But the one that made me go totally red in the face because of its intensity was when they apparated from the wedding into Hermione's house. k, what? I swear i nearly bloody passed out. I swear. It was some perfect brilliance (not to mention incredibly erotic, I'll be honest), but then Ron comes and ruins it all and ruins ME because of his PAIN and i simply hate you for playing with my feelings through this story as if i was a stupid puppet! (but i secretly love you and you're like my freaking IDOL of idols) So yeah, that's kind of that. I'm still speechless and wish I could write something...intelligent. But if I put off writing this, I would never get to it and would only utter 'it was amazing' in the cbox, which would hardly be a fraction of what this really is.

And Astoria...what a greedy little *rhymes with witch*! I actually couldn't help but smirk a la Malfoy style at that scene. And then the ending...well, frankly I don't care whether Scorpius knows his bloody Herbology, I really want to know how this ends. I mean, i don't remember ever caring so much as to how will the story end. I mean, this was brilliant, really. I have no idea how you really feel about this fic, but the story made me feel very strongly. I apologize for this horrible, immature, incoherent review. If it was within my power, I would talk about all the technical stuff, i would even fish out a thesaurus and pull off my 'clever Liz' attitude, but I doubt I would ever be able to put all my thoughts and feelings into words. Simply, I really think you are amazing, incredibly talented and...is that enough? I hope so. i hope you will know how much I admire you and your writing, even though I can't properly say it. I mean, LOOK what YOU made me do! I think this review will make it into history as the stupidest review of all time. But it is a review from the heart and this story was absolutely incredible and oooh ENTICING!!! Gorgeous scenes, vibrating characters, excellent writing and a perfect feeling and mood.

And I will NEVER read it again because it made me go mad with its perfection. But i'll always remember it.

I loved it. I really did.

You're a genius.

~Elizabeth (has to take a nap now)

Name: Elena (Signed) · Date: 26/09/08 1:13 PM · Chapter: Part One

Where do I start? I'm nervous, as I'm unsure of how you'll react, but I want to be honest.

Firstly, I love it! I'm facinated and intrigued...I want to know what is going to happen, if Draco and Hermione get together...happily and what will Rose and Scorpius do??

You have thrown in an element of humour too, not just the drama...which I adore. Just when something serious happens, you add just that slightest touch of humour and it makes it so much more real.

I could tell the building romance between Hermione and Draco was going to happen, but not feel it...

I guess this is where it gets confusing.

On one hand, I applaude you on writing this in second person, it can't be an easy feat. On the other hand...I'm not connecting with Hermione. She already has a past and a present and its like you are trying to make me feel what she's feeling, instead of telling me and taking me along her journey. As the reader, I'm supposed to feel like I am Hermione...Only that wasn't what happened.

Although that is a negative, please don't let it dishearten you too much. As I said, I DO love this story...In a way, I wished you hadn't of jumped around so much. There are gaps that could be filled...but at the same time...Those jumping moments were so exciting and thrilling.

As I also said to you on MSN, for the first time EVER, I'm feeling so sorry for poor Ron. I'm used to you killing him off, or he's cheated or something where Ron's feelings aren't really considered. But this time...I actually felt more sorry for him then I did for the end of the romance between Hermione and Draco. Which, in itself, is a bravo to you :) 

I loved Astoria's character in this, although, the part at the end was confusing. I never got the impression she was a 'gold digger', but she ended up being one in the end and you made Lucius nasty? That was a surprise too!

Over all, its fantastic...There are MANY elements here that are making a very wonderful story. But now, it'll drive me insane with not knowing what's going to happen next!!!

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