Name: gnilworkj (Signed) · Date: 16/12/08 5:23 PM · Chapter: Beneath an Unforgiving Moon
Interesting story. It's funny how blame becomes such a nasty little circle isn't it? Going round and round and never resolving itself. No one willing to own it. Funny how a crazy or sane mind thinks-you can never tell the difference between them can you? I would never have thought this about Greyback. Could he ever have been repentent for his actions? I always thought in HP that he purposefully went after children because he was evil. I sort of like your idea that he might have been looking for a family, someone to love and love him back. In your story he bit Remus to obtain that. Could Remus have been a different character had he hung with Greyback and his evil ways. Could Greyback have been different had he been given a chance like Remus had. For Greyback to see that Remus had friends who cared for him even though he was a werewolf must have been pleasing. Could Greyback ever had had that had there been a wizard like Dumbledore to give him a chance. But Dumbledore was there during Greyback's time. Why was Greyback never given that chance? I guess you answer that when you refer to the fact that Greyback was cast aside by his family. A wolf never harms his pups, but funny how humans, those highest on the evolutionary ladder, are so capable of harming their young.

I'm rambling. I feel like your story going back and forth trying to decide if the character deserves forgiveness or not. At times yes, at times no. I'm confused, but maybe that was the purpose of this story.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Yes, you got it exactly right - confusing was the whole point of the story. I'd often wondered, ever since this character was introduced, why he ended up the way he did.

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 13/12/08 8:17 PM · Chapter: Beneath an Unforgiving Moon

What a tortured, twisted soul . . and he's right, he does have a soul, if he can have all of these feelings.

As convoluted as his thought processes are, he does make sense, although it's just litereally to be seen as the rantings of an insane werewolf . . . and "who cares what he thinks". (Wizarding world's opinion)

But it's sad, when you work your way through this excellent caharacter study, to realize that, maybe, if he'd had a chance, like Remus, it would have all been different.  Maybe.  As he said, what's past is past and can't be changed.

At least he has a bit of remorse about the Montgomery boy . . and even a bit about Remus, although he tries not to say that.

Sad, very sad.  He'll be like Grindelwald, slowly aging and wasting away, to die alone in Azkaban, forgotten and unforgiven.


Excellent story. ( and my 400th review! )

Author's Response: Well, congrats on your 400th review! I like a nice, round number! ;-) Thanks for the review, and I'm glad you liked it. You saw in it just what I intended.

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