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Name: granpa harry (Anonymous) · Date: 24/01/11 1:48 PM · Chapter: Journal Notes

Enjoyed the story.

I see where the meeting of Harry and the Malfoys after the Final battle helped this story along. Hard to believe that Lucius was able to change his spots so completely though.

I have know a lot of horrible people and no matter what happens to them, they never seem to think they need to change.

I am trying to read your longer stories, just not a lot of time lately. New grand baby to snuggle and cuddle with. Lots of plans of our own for the Future.


Author's Response:

Thanks for the review . . .I have been absent from GF for WAY too long . . . .my Mom died last month and I have my Father-in-law with us ( he's 90 - as of yesterday ) and my son and 2 grandkids ( 11 & 13 )so, it's been BUSY and I'm getting ready to retire ( June 30 ) so you have been warned, I will return and start reviewing again . . .I want to hit 1,00 reviews this year!

Yes, Lucius was hit with a big dose of reality and it really was life changing . . . at least in MY AU . . . and he and Narcissa & Draco survive in JKR's world, so why not give them the old Hogwarts 2nd chance?!?!?!

My own 2 novel length stories were written before we knew the ending for JKR's story, but my newer ones were with her endings in mind . . .enjoy at your leisure!

Name: datbenik513 (Signed) · Date: 16/04/09 7:03 PM · Chapter: Journal Notes

Holy cow. A brilliant excerpt from the book "Harry Potter and the Wonderful Years to Come". Absolutely canon-tastic, totally awesome, engaging from the first to the last letter.

You've got one more fan, my dear.

What? A stupid question. A 10, of course.

Author's Response:

It was the Christmas challange, so I'd not done much with Hermione, and thought I'd give ti a try.  It's fun writing for a character who's book smart and street stupid.  Although with all the stuff stored in her head, she does manage, AFTER WAY TOO MUCH THOUGHT, to get things right when she "wings it".


Name: Collette (Anonymous) · Date: 17/03/09 9:50 PM · Chapter: Journal Notes
this is my favorite so far. i like how you payed attention to the tiny details just like hermione would. j.k. rowling should really tell the readers what happened in those 19 years and i liked how you had hermione's perspective on the story.

Author's Response:

I agree. It's like JKR got through the battle and just stopped ( totally enhausted, mentally ) and then stuck that lame epilogue on the end without any explaination of what happened in between.  That's where fan fics come in.  We'll fill in the gaps for her.


Name: SiriuslyPeeved (Signed) · Date: 17/01/09 2:27 PM · Chapter: Journal Notes
You have Hermione's voice down very well, and I think I'd like to be a fly on the wall for your version of Harry and the Malfoy's reconciliation. I enjoyed this very much -- thanks!

Author's Response:

Well, that reconciliation started after the battle ( see my story "I owe you my life - Wizard's debt ).  I imagine that Harry was true to his word and testified about Narcissa helping him and about Draco  being more or less forced to do things by the death eaters, at his home and at the school. 

Lucius, well, he's already been humiliated by Voldemort and Bella. He almost lost his child and wife and he's just this <    > close to a nervous breakdown, so getting away from the aftermath of the battle and the trials made sense . . . spend some time at the 'beach house' and let things calm down.  

Plus he's had to rethink everything he's ever believed in, in the light of his survival and maybe he's admitted to himself that he was ( not wrong- he'd never say wrong ) but misguided and mistaken, maybe.  Anyhow, he'll soon be back in England and SLOWLY re-entering wizarding society and trying - with Draco's help - to re-establish the Malfoy name and social standing. ( read BIG $ contributions to restoring Hogwarts and other charities, etc. )

Glad you liked it. Thanks for the R & R.

Name: Bella_Portia (Signed) · Date: 31/12/08 11:12 PM · Chapter: Journal Notes

I first read this story in a group with the other Christmas competition stories, and I thougt it was pretty charming in the way it captured the many different personalties  during the Christmas season.  Indeed, I liked the way you caught virtually the whole cast of characters, almost like a Christmas calendar.      

I have to comment on one quote.  "Mother thought it was a brilliant idea and that they looked like two “gracefully aging hippies”. Then she had to explain hippies to Mrs. Weasley" -- as someone who fancies herself a "gracefully aging hippy," I was cracked  up by this.  


Author's Response:

Peace and Love, girlfriend . . . I attended the 1st Philadelphia Rock Concert, in Nov of '68 and saw the Chambers Brothers, Big Brother and the Holding Company with Janis Joplin, Vanilla Fudge and Cream ( part of their farewell tour ).  Been there, done that! And I do mean DONE THAT!

HE!HE!HE!  Molly just looks the part, that's all, with her sweaters and long dresses.

Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 22/12/08 1:15 AM · Chapter: Journal Notes

Hi, Holly.

I reviewed this one when it was on the Challenge series, but thought I'd leave you a line here about how "That's just so Hermione" to do this. Lucius on the boat was a bit hard to deal with at first, but then again, HE would do that when you think about it!

Good captures of the main characters.

Author's Response:

Hey! I responded to your other review and Elena is going to attach thm here, but thanks for the 2nd one! HE!HE!HE!  Lucius is 'laying low" on the island for a while , so there's not much for him to do but fish and he's found out he likes the challenge of not using magic, just him vs the fish! THAT'S quite the picture, isn't it?!


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