Name: SiriuslyPeeved (Signed) · Date: 22/01/10 5:47 PM · Chapter: Taking the Good with the Bad
(I should have remembered Chapter 1, where you did clearly set the time span of the story, sorry about that last review!)

Draco Malfoy, the rebound love? ;) Poor Ginny, she's been all over the place in this story. I think you've done a really nice job on the romantic scenes in particular -- just the right level of detail -- Draco is being quite a gentleman, despite his clear wishes not to be.

Bellatrix' entrance at the end of the chapter takes this story past a simple romance, and hints at dire things in the future.

You know I really love AU stories, Draco/Ginny is not a pairing I have read very often but I am having a lot of fun with this one!

Author's Response:

Welcome to my world, where Draco/Ginny rule...LOL..If I'm not writing a Dramonie, anyway ;)

I might see if I can write more of this story..I have been inspired...

Name: SiriuslyPeeved (Signed) · Date: 22/01/10 5:24 PM · Chapter: The Power of the Bluebell Flames
I really like how you took something small and innocuous from the books (Hermione's little spell) and gave it a lot more depth in your AU-verse.

The Draco and Pansy dynamic, as you have written it, is very comfortable and funny. It wouldn't surprise me, in a way, if Pansy were still hiding deeper feelings, and if these weren't going to mean serious trouble for Draco later on.

I wonder whether Blaise knows what the Malfoys have planned for Ginny and what will happen to her when she fails, and that's why he's so intent on getting her alone, or is he just jealous that Ginny has begun to fall for Draco? Hmmmmm...

Author's Response:


You hit a few things on the head here...things that others have not picked up on before...so well done :) Hopefully, my writers block passes and I can finish this fic ;) 

Name: SiriuslyPeeved (Signed) · Date: 22/01/10 5:18 PM · Chapter: All About Ginny
I liked the "you're cute when you're angry" set up too and the reference to Draco's "Angel." The romantic parts are very nicely done, I'm glad you're giving their relationship time to unfold slowly. (it's no fun to jump right to the conclusion!)

I really liked the fear and motherly concern you showed in Narcissa, that her son may become too attached to Ginny when she is essentially a weapon. I am really intrigued by Voldemort and Lucius' possible plot to use her.

I am wondering when this is set, time-wise, and which characters are still alive; I'm assuming after book 6, though I'm not positive. You don't have to answer my questions, especially if they would give anything away... :) Thanks!

Name: SiriuslyPeeved (Signed) · Date: 22/01/10 5:05 PM · Chapter: What Happened to Her
I really wonder whether there is more beneath the surface of Ginny's decision to come to live with the Malfoys -- it seems like her family let her go awfully easily! And who was Harry canoodling with? I think you've given your AU Ginny a believable 'way out.' I also think it was very in character of Ginny to say that Harry hurt her, and now she is hurting him.

I have an odd little style question to finish with, I'm wondering whether a comma at the end of a sentence in quotation marks is common usage in Australia. I know that punctuation rules vary widely, especially where commas and quotation marks are concerned. Thanks for the fun and entertaining read!

Name: SiriuslyPeeved (Signed) · Date: 18/01/10 11:56 AM · Chapter: Who is She?
Diving into this story at last :) I enjoyed your depiction of the Malfoy family at home. It's nice to think of Narcissa in a peaceful moment, in canon it is clear that she is a loving mother and it's nice to see how you have filled in the blanks.

The description of Ginny is very sweet, and makes me believe the "love at first sight" angle. Pansy teasing Draco that he didn't recognize Ginny made me laugh. I wonder how long it took Pansy and Draco to move into such a close friendship. I'd be interested in hearing your version of the back story that leads up to this situation.

One thing I might do differently would be to use Draco's name in the first paragraph. The main characters are clear from the title, but it's not exactly clear that the chapter is from his point of view until the third paragraph.

You definitely have me hooked, what could possibly drive Ginny to such lengths? I have a feeling you have some fun plot twists coming ;)

Name: Bella_Portia (Signed) · Date: 21/09/09 6:45 AM · Chapter: The Power of the Bluebell Flames

The initial scene, with Ginny practicing the blue flame spell and Draco joining her, was really good. It introduced the subjects of Dark Magic, Ginny’s desire to beat Hermione at one of her own spells, and the growing attraction. I think the description of the spell itself, and how one produces it, is very credible. If I were giving CC, I would suggest reviewing the scene to emphasize the dialogue and eliminate any unnecessary additional narrative, so that it flows and maintains it’s pace (which I’m obsessed about).

The following sequence with Pansy and Blaise is fine, although I’m not sure you need it.

Similarly, although the "Blaise and Ginny" scenes that follow are well-written, I don’t quite see the reason for them. (All right, Ginny’s arm gets injured; but it’s a complicated detour to accomplish that.) In other words, the Blaise and Ginny interlude could be part of another story but it tends to slow this one down.

This chapter, as the title says, is all about the Blue Bell Flame. The whole story of this chapter is in the opening and closing sections. I think this chapter would be fine if it consisted only of the opening and closing sections – just Draco and Ginny. I emphasize that I like your characterizations of the others – Blaise and Pansy. I just think it’s really important to make the story as cohesive and "moving" as possible.

Ginny then saw the orb [soar] up into the air as it began to change its shape.


. . ., with a wand, you are limited to the flames full potential. Have you ever seen her do what I have just done?" (Suggest: you limit the flames full potential. . . . )


"I’ve been here a while[. So] the Weasel wants to learn the Power of the Bluebell Flames[.] I remember when you were learning that, you almost burned down the Mansion[.]" Pansy laughed.

You were trying to throw orbs at me, [what] did you expect?"

Name: Bella_Portia (Signed) · Date: 20/09/09 3:20 PM · Chapter: All About Ginny

Good transition from the last chapter.

I thought you did a nice job with the "you’re beautiful when you’re angry" cliche (which I took to be the intent). The set-up, of Draco coming unbidden into her room and then asking an impertinent question, was inventive and worked well for these characters in this situation. It also put the AU aspect of the story into sharp relief – this is not the usual Ginny or the usual Harry.

In a related subject: the concluding conversation between Draco and his mom, where Narcissa reflects that Ginny reminds her of herself and expresses her wholehearted approval – in a normal canon world, that would be seriously OC for Narcissa. Blacks do not marry Weasleys. It was hard to evaluate. Was it OOC? Was it OOC deliberately but consistently with your world. Lucius seems a bit more hospitable than usual, but generally he seems to be Lucius, with his normal agenda. But Narcissa – a mysterious character in canon, I admit – seems to have acquired a lot of flexibility that canon Narcissa lacks. This kind of gets me back to wondering whether a road map, so the reader knows what kind of HP/AU world this is, might enhance the reading experience. Just a thought.

Overall, I thought the scene with Draco and Ginny was very good. Because it is such a strong scene, you want to keep the momentum going.

I also liked the scene that followed and the way you used Blaise and Pansy. Nice anti-Blaise: canon Blaise wouldn’t touch that blood-traitor Ginny with a ten-foot pole, whereas your Blaise is her pal and protector. The only suggestion (since you asked specifically about flow) is that I would have liked to see this scene written shorter. It is a very long chapter, and this sequence comes after a Big Scene. It slows the pace at a time when you want to keep it going.

The next sequence, while brief, is also probably longer than it needs to be. Draco doesn’t come around, Blaise acts funny, and Ginny wonders what’s up. Her job is impossible, but it gives her access to interesting books. She doesn’t eat with the Malfoys. I am not trying to be flippant, but, again, I do think it’s importance to move the story and chapter forward.

On Ginny’s work: I have to say that, if Ginny is supposed to be a competent translater, the part about her having nothing but "words that didn’t make any sense" didn’t ring true. If she was ignorant of the language and was using the Wizarding equivalent of Babelfish, she might well have ended up with a list of random words. But even a moderately knowledgeable translator will understand grammar, context and basic vocabulary. It is more likely that Ginny would be impeded in her work by the occurrence of unfamiliar words for which she could not discover a translation.

In the last sequence (Draco, Lucius, Mom), you covered a lot of important ground. I didn’t quite get the banter between Lucius and Narcissa over the way Narcissa treats Ginny – if Narcissa is maintaining appearances by making a token showing of disapproval, wouldnt Lucius be aware of her intentions?

Please take this suggestion for what its worth, including completely disregarding it. As I indicated above, I am all about quickening the pace in this chapter. The Big Events are the

Draco/Ginny opening scene and the Draco/Mom closing scene. For the reasons set forth in the preceding paragraph, you might consider cutting or abbreviating the part of the scene that involves Lucius. That would allow the scene to center on the conversation between Draco and Narcissa.

" . . . and if Harry Potter could [not] keep her on his side,

I know, I promised no punctuation notes. This one seemed to need noting:

I can assure you now that I do not intend on having my heart broken," Narcissa smiled at hearing her son say these words.

This sentence needs a period after "broken." But, also, the juxtaposition of clauses or sentences makes it look like Narcissa is the speaker. I’d suggest: " . . . intending on having my heart broken," said Draco. Narcissa smiled . . .

Name: Bella_Portia (Signed) · Date: 20/09/09 2:46 AM · Chapter: What Happened to Her

I like the image of Lucius Malfoy – workaholic. It’s an aspect of his character I don’t think I’ve seen anyone portray.

The sinister reference to her taking the Mark is very interesting. It’s one thing to learn Dark Magic and set your boyfriend’s clothes on fire. It’s another to align yourself with a monster.

To my embarrassment, I realized that the segment explaining what happened at the Hogs Head was the scene at Breakfast in the preceding chapter. I liked the idea of the two girls – Ginny and Pansy – having a chat in a pub. It’s soz88;against type.

In fact, if I didn’t say it already, I think you’ve done a nice job with Pansy.

Where Draco says -

Was all this set up to get Potter? He needed answers, and the only way he would get them, was to get her. – I don’t quite get this. Talk to her? Seduce her? Become romantically involved with her? And, if it is any of these things, why? It makes sense that he would go to the source, so to speak. But his Dad’s the one with the agenda.

The (flashback?) scene with Hermione and the Weasleys was a little more difficult. I couldn’t quite see why Hermione was withholding information. She’s Harry’s friend, but she’s Ron’s girlfriend. Plus, if she’s IC, she puts a high value on the truth. So I didn’t quite get why she wouldn’t back Ginny. Or why, when no one actually contradicted Ginny except Harry, her family failed to take her side and weren’t, generally, more sympathetic. (In other words, why didn’t they throw the cheating creep out of the house and spare Ginny the ultimatum, at least temporarily. Although I do see where Arthur was coming from.

I won’t bore you with more grammar matters after this chapter. They are practically all concerned with punctuation. You like to connect compound sentences with commas. Obviously, punctuation has a lot to do with personal style and communications. But, as a general rule, connecting two independent clauses with comma and no conjunction is a run-on sentence, a comma splice. My brain is programmed to see it as an error. Since I already wrote them out for this chapter, I’ll include them this one last time:

Grammar/Punctuation Notes:

She silently watched as Blaise greeted Draco, though [she] was caught off guard when her eyes met Draco's.

"What a surprise to find you here?" [s/b period, rather than question mark]

Ginny went to say something, though [she] closed her mouth [and a ] confused look . . .

"Why a surprise[? Surely] you knew?"

"Research," Ginny answered though [she] was taken aback by Draco's lack of knowledge of her.

Ginny watched Draco walk away[. A] part of her was relieved[,] but she was still unnerved by the fact that he had no idea what has been happening these last couple of weeks

"Let's go back inside[. After] all, you have promised me a dance," Blaise said with a wink.

It was not hard to find his father[. Although] he kept throwing these silly parties, guaranteed, Lucius Malfoy would be hiding in his study, working endlessly for the Dark Lord.

"It seems that Miss Weasley has had a falling out with Potter[. Now,] I don't care about her private life[. What] I care about is what information she can provide me.

You mean she's staying here[? Do] you have her under Imperius?"

One guard stayed ahead of her, one stayed behind her[. It] never really bothered her, until she left Flourish & Blott's.

She could see the guard in front[. However], she dropped a pile of books[, and,] after she picked them up, she looked behind her and could not see the guard that was supposed to be there.

. . . her hands were full, and [she] could not reach her wand

"I know [you’re] angry right now,

"I'm sure that it was just a misunderstanding[. Now] let's just forget all this nonsense[,] and you can come home to the Burrow," her mother said[, and] Ginny could see her mothers uncertainty at her own words. (Suggest: . . . her mother said. Ginny could see . . . )

"Tell her[,] Hermione[. T]ell her what we walked in on[.]"

You win[,] Harry

The Malfoy's are on Voldemort's side[. They] are foul, evil people[,] Ginny[. Y]ou know that.

. . . and her [parents’] faces

"Be that as it may[,] Ginny, you can not go back to the Malfoy's.

Molly gasped in shock upon hearing her husbands words[.] Ron looked like he was about to faint[.] Hermione still stood with her head down, though Ginny could see tears fall from her eyes.

Alternative: Molly gasped in shock . . . words; Ron looked . . . about to faint; and Hermione . . .

Ginny then looked over at Harry[. He] looked too calm and relaxed for the situation they were all in[,] and she immediately felt her anger rise

Ginny looked back at her father[. Her] famous Weasley temper was boiling through her veins[. However,] she kept her voice calm as she spoke.

What happened[? Where] are the guards?" Lucius asked her.

"I am sorry about your parents, but you are a grown woman now[,] Ginevra[. You] can make up your own mind about things.

I came to see you[,] of course[.]" Draco [comma omitted] grinned.

Name: Bella_Portia (Signed) · Date: 20/09/09 2:05 AM · Chapter: Who is She?


I read the eight chapters before going back to review. As I recall, you were interested in comments about flow, so I'll do my best. I see this as basically a short story, although it runs to the long/novella side.

I like the set-up. I have thought, as I read it, that I might have liked a more extensive introductory note that set out the parameters of the challenge it was written for (if I got that right). My understanding was that the main characters -- Harry, Draco, Ginny, the Malfoys -- are deliberately written OOC. Harry's a jerk; Ginny's impetuous with a taste for the dark side, Pansy's a loyal BFF to Draco, and Draco's looking for that special someone. You explain in the intro that the story is AU and post-Hogwarts – but it’s very AU in a number of respects: although everyone is indeed out of Hogwarts, the Dark Lord is still with us. Since Harry is a different character, it may be presumed that the Dark Lord’s relationship to him (or outlook on him) may not be the same. That's another reason it might be good to know the lay of the land.

I appreciate the Intro (I feel like I’m repeating myself) – specifically, where it says that not all love affairs are happy. But given the oddness of the ending (and I do not mean that in a bad way), and given that this story plays with conventions and characters, it would have been nice if some aspect of the beginning bore some relationship to the ending. (Don’t ask me for an example – but if, for instance Bellatrix had turned up at the party with a present for her nephew but was turned away at the gate, like the Dark Fairy in Sleeping Beauty. A comment by Ginny about how her life didn’t really start until she moved to Malfoy Manor. Anything at all to tie the beginning and the end up as a cohesive whole.) Given the way the story ends, I would have liked the beginning to bear some relationship to the end. Currently, it doesn't; which makes the rereading a bit strange.

I really like the plot twist whereby Harry cheats on Ginny, she get drunk at the Hogs Head, and she finally ends up at Malfoy Manor. I thought you explained the situation nicely in the second chapter. (I had forgotten about that, so I had to delete this review and rewrite parts of it.)

I wondered about Narcissa bringing the breakfast tray. Don't they have any servants? House-elves? Or is this the personal touch?

I know the backstory on Ginny is coming. We know that her boyfriend Harry was a selfish jerk. (What kind of chauvanist keeps his girlfriend from starting Auror training?)


Grammar Nazi notes:

His mother tried her hardest to find him a suitable female companion, however, once he got to know these girls; that was all they were, just girls. Suggest: His mother tried her hardest . . . companion. However, once he got to know these girls, that was all they were, just girls.

who looked beyond his money and family name, someone who he could talk to, to hold and to love.   SUGGEST: . . . and family name; someone he could talk to, to hold and to love.

He did have a crush on her at one stage[. However,] as they both grew, they realised that their relationship was more like a brother and sister love, not the kind of love that they both wanted

. . .you were with was having a good time[;] it was genuine laughter.

Her hair looked dark from where he stood[. It] was long [and] straight[. As] a slight breeze picked up in the air, it blew a few stands back away from her face.

. . . as she pointed to the girl Draco was staring at[, "is] Ginevra Weasley,"

She wasn’t even sure if she could go back to her apartment[. S]he did think she could go back to the Burrow[;] however she [enjoyed] the freedom of not being home with her parents. (Suggestion: "enjoyed" substituted for "did enjoy" to avoid repeating "did.")

["]I must insist that you now reside here[. As] this job requires so much time, it would be pointless of you to find somewhere new to live,"

He had been away on a mission for the last couple of weeks and [Ginny?] wasn’t sure how he would react to her presence.

Name: dracosgem (Anonymous) · Date: 02/02/09 10:30 PM · Chapter: Who is She?
Hi Elena...DG here from PHFF via review request.

It was a nice little beginning...I thoroughly enjoyed Draco's inner dialogue and found his astonishment at realizing his attraction to Ginny quite amusing.

All in all, the flow of the story is quite smooth and the material interesting.

I look forward to catching the next chappie!!

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 21/09/08 8:09 AM · Chapter: A Reminder

I just checke . . .





Frustration factor kicking in!

Obsenities held in check . . .sort of . . .

Well, hell, NOW what am I supposed to do?

Been reading this whole sotry and now it's stopping? NOOOOOOOO!X

Youngl ady, you get right back onto your computer and get going on the rest of this sotry . . .this is Mom-mom speaking!


I'm going to go get some coffee. will check back on this story - frequently - and I'd better see something soon or I'll just hold my breath until I turn as blue as those flames of Ginny's!


PS Bella reallly IS and insane person, isn't she?

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 21/09/08 7:53 AM · Chapter: The Power of Narcissa

"Oh dear, oh dear, we are in trouble now."


OlBV is watching, knowing the showdown is coming and it's rally going to be interesting to see whcih way this goies . . . I personally think it going to be a tossup, with a slight edge to Draco.

We'll see.


Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 21/09/08 7:38 AM · Chapter: Losing Control

One of my favorite expression:

"That cat wasn't let out of the bag, it was yanked!"

Now Harry and thus the Aurors, will know Ginny's sliding toward the Dark Arts.

LIke I said before, she'd better learn how to control this newly realized power.  Enter Narcissa, her new teacher.




Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 21/09/08 7:27 AM · Chapter: Taking the Good with the Bad

Well, between angst and eavesdropping and misunderstading, Ginny is going to be pouting for the forseeable future, isn't she?

Ah, Bella, the certifiably insane aunt. Lovely woman.  Must invite her to tea, one day.


Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 21/09/08 7:12 AM · Chapter: The Power of the Bluebell Flames

Blaise, you butthead, you got what you deserved!

Ginny, you're more powerful than you realize, but somepeople - read Lusicu and BV, know that.

The trick is controlling it for what YOU want, not being aimed at a target by someone else.

Okay, onward!


Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 21/09/08 6:56 AM · Chapter: All About Ginny

Ah, now the complications and deceptions start to show and weave themsleves among our little group.

I'm starting to like Narcissa, as a character, more and more as I read all of these stories.

I used her in a favorable light in my own, but that was after Lucius was dead, so it was a survival mode she was in, not a mother tiger one as she is here.

Hopefully, Ginny and Draco will get it right when they get together, despite the Dark Lord's presence.

I just remembered that you'v really ignored the original timeline as this is a couple of years after Ginny graduated from Hogwarts and Baldie Voldie is atill alive and still around.  Hmmmm, gotta remember this is WAY AU.

Okay, Onward!


Author's Response:

Yes, this story was written for NaNo 2006...Most of my stories are very AU...But...This story is...Well, there's MORE then just what you read..I'll put it that way!!

I love Narcissa, I find her facinating...And I adore Lucius...I never saw him as abusive, so he'll be a little OCC, but always for a reason ;)

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 21/09/08 6:35 AM · Chapter: What Happened to Her

Well, that answered  a few questions. But the fact that Molly and Authur would side with Harry instead of Ginny? I'd be pissed off, too.

And now Draco's going to make his move.

Maybe he should take it slow . . .but I doubt it.

Better get back to the story and find out what happens next. . .


Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 21/09/08 6:23 AM · Chapter: Who is She?

Oh, my dear, this has the makings of one very interesting story.

Actually, I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the Hog's Head.

That must have been SOME drinking session . . . . that must have been some fight.

What was Pansy doing there? And Lucius?

I'll just putter on to the next chapters, where, I have no doubt, all will be revealed.


Name: Labby (Signed) · Date: 12/06/08 3:01 PM · Chapter: A Reminder
You're very cruel. As soon as I catch up, you leave me with an ending like that. I want more! I enjoyed this chapter as always, and I do like the tension Bellatrix has brought. I wouldn't think Voldemort would be too happy with her taking matters into her own hands. I wonder what will become of that.

So Hermione did actually see what happened. I like Ron's disgust with him. I'm a bit surprised that Hermione wouldn't say something sooner, but I guess it was to protect Harry a bit with his plans. I like that Ron has said that he'll help him fight the Voldemort, but he's done with him after that. It's just as it should be. Harry's not a very likeable guy in this story is he? :) Great chapter!

Author's Response:

I'm SOOOOO happy that you think I am cruel! I REALLY had trouble getting this chapter written. I knew what was going to happen and when I finally had the chance to write the scene, my 'baby' decided that he/she doesn't like evilness, although its mummy does...so I struggled getting this out!!

The second part...*clamps hand over her mouth and in a mufflede voice, says* Thank you for all of your reviews!

Name: Labby (Signed) · Date: 12/06/08 2:52 PM · Chapter: The Power of Narcissa
I loved the Draco/Ginny moments when they were starting to figure out the translations. That's part of the story that I haven't even thought about yet, and yet it seems like an important part. I do wonder what's going on with that research and what it will translate into. And now Voldemort wants to put Ginny through a test with Harry. Hmm.. that shall be interesting. As always, this was a wonderful chapter and it's weird that there's only one more to catch up to. :)

Author's Response: Ummmm, I'm glad you thought about those translations :) lol...and thank your for reviewing. I really can't comment more, hence the small, responses. If I say too much, I'll give away what's happening.

Name: Labby (Signed) · Date: 12/06/08 2:41 PM · Chapter: Losing Control
Well of course as soon as Ginny goes out into Hogsmeade, she runs into Hermione, Ron, and Harry. Haha.. I loved her anger. Okay, so it was a little much, but she's probably been piling that in for awhile. So Hermione doesn't remember exactly what happened or at least she says she doesn't remember? I wonder if Harry Oblivated her for that moment or something. I don't know, I think I try to find the good in people and I'm just having a hard time thinking that Hermione just did that to Ginny.

Author's Response:

Hemione is....*grins*..Hermione...Don't underestimate her simply because I haven't given you reason to believe her either way ;) That's the biggest hint I've given about this story yet!

Ginny has a lot of anger. Not just because f what Hary has 'done', but because eveyone's on Harry's side. She can see now, why Harry could have enemies, even if they were ON the same side. To her, he can get away with blue murder and still have the sun shine out of his butt, and its really eating her goat right now. 

Name: Labby (Signed) · Date: 12/06/08 2:23 PM · Chapter: Taking the Good with the Bad
Ah.. Ginny's feelings are so confused now. I wonder what's going to happen. Just bring and Bellatrix and that ruins everything. For some reason I really like Pansy in this story. I've never really liked her character too much, but I like her relationship with Draco. And now Harry's wanting Ginny again? Draco thinks he's got her, but not exactly. So much confusion is starting to take place... I love it!

Author's Response:

I adore Pansy. She's iven such a bad rep and always made out to be bad. But I think she's quite fun, if you know hw to write her well enough. She can still hae her annoying habbits, jut sed in a different light.

Confusion...Such a fantasic word...keep that one close by ;) 

Name: Labby (Signed) · Date: 12/06/08 2:11 PM · Chapter: The Power of the Bluebell Flames
Aww.. if Draco really wants something, he does seem to get it. I'm not a huge fan of Draco, but I'm beginning to start to like him just a bit here. At least he's helping Ginny through this. And he's a pretty good teacher, even if it is for the Dark Arts. I like that we got to know a bit more about him, knowing that his reputation with girls isn't exactly true. Now Hermione's really annoying me. I can definitely see the anger from Ginny there.

Author's Response:

Are you getng my mission yet? hehehehe

Draco is a wondeful character if put in the right hands. I love him!

Ah, Hermione.... can't say much aou her...yet ;)

Name: Labby (Signed) · Date: 12/06/08 1:59 PM · Chapter: All About Ginny
Well that didn't take long to get Draco and Ginny kissing. I love how much Draco wants Ginny right now. I wonder what he's going to do now. And Lucius seems to like Ginny a lot, compared to Narcissa. Hmm.. interesting there. Another great chapter!

Author's Response:

hehehe...I love romance and Fluff, so I think I just needed something to happen...Plot wise, nothing needed to be in here...But I wanted it, so I wrote it...LOL

And Lucius and Narcissa are rather interesting, aren't they? :) 

Name: Labby (Signed) · Date: 12/06/08 1:45 PM · Chapter: What Happened to Her
Ah.. a little more insight into what happened is here. It makes a lot more sense now for her to have wanted to go to the Malfoys after hearing what happened. Why is Harry being such a jerk? Still, I think that was a bit much of a reaction that her father gave.. no longer allowing her to be a Weasley. It makes more sense that she's starting to side with the Malfoys. Great chapter again!

Author's Response:

I think Authur's reaction is more a 'heat of the moment' thing...Much like how he treated Percy, but this is slightly different. Ginny is his only daughter and she's running off with the very people who are trying to kill them, so to him, he can't see her sense in it, only that she's choosing to be against her own family.

Oh, poor Harry...*sigh*...Yes, he IS a jerk...buy why???...hmmmmm 

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