Reviews For A Case of You

Name: SiriuslyPeeved (Signed) · Date: 22/02/09 9:57 AM · Chapter: Chapter 1
I think you did beautifully with Severus' regrets and wishing he could go back and experience his times with Lily again. (very realistic) I also appreciate that you brought the 1970s setting into your story -- a lot of people neglect to do this.

There are a few places with punctuation out of place (parent’s / parents) but other than that this is solidly written and haunting. I have a weakness for Severus & Lily stories..... but still. Thanks!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much.  I'm glad you get the 70's references, yeah I agree it wasn't really addressed in the books.  I really like stories that deal with that time period regarding Lily and Snape's relationship.  It's great fodder for inspiration.  Sorry about the typo's I'll change them.  That's what happens when I don't have a beta reader look at a story first.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Thanks for reading and reviewing.  Cheers!

Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 20/02/09 11:38 PM · Chapter: Chapter 1

Short, but well done and touching. I especially liked this line: Then she looked into his face and saw eyes that had seen too much too young. 

One typo? : “I can’t he,” staring at the floor.  “I don’t know how.”

Other than that, just excellent. 10/10

Author's Response:  can always count on a review from you BLK, thank you, you made my day.  I also made the correction, thanks for catching it.  I'm glad you like that line about Severus' eyes, its something that I feel comes across in the book, since they are indeed practically black.

Thanks for the read and the review.  Cheers!

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