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Name: morgana (Anonymous) · Date: 03/05/09 12:57 AM · Chapter: Portraits
Oh, wow! I really, really enjoyed this.

The theme is very original. This is the first time that I have encountered an elderly Harry in fanfic.

You ask if he is in character and in my humble opinion, he definitely is! It's also very well written. A pleasure to read really.

The line about how lucky he had been to come back from the land of the death or wherever is that we landed after the first part of the final battle was extremely touching.

Harry always had a tendency to mop and Ginny's death definitely would affect him very strongly.

I did wonder about him talking to the portraits, actually, especially Snape's. I think all the portraits are very much in character too.

I wasn't too clear as to why he makes the reference about wanting to be normal. Was it because he believes his lifespan is longer than the average wizard because of his power or because he felt compelled to write his memoires? It's probably just me being thick though.

I loved the happy ending. Yes, Harry would sulk by his family would always come first. He's someone who always manages to pull himself together in the end.

The theme of losing a love one is one I'm fond of. In fact I did the opposite in one of my one-shots and killed him off and it's written from Ginny's point of view (in pretty AU circumstances). It's just something I find emotive to write and read about.

The line when Dumbledore tells him that if that's how his life is going, he's beyond help added a refreshing touch of humour.

All in all, fantastic piece. Very well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! I appreciate the comment about "wanting to be ordinary," I may clarify that in the next round of revisions. In my mind, it came about because Harry was feeling resentful that Ginny and Ron had gone before him, and Harry was likely to live many more years. I think that one more line may be called for in that paragraph for clarity. I'm glad you liked the portrait conversations! I can picture McGonagall being the mother hen in portrait world, with Snape constantly jeering at Harry, and Neville trying to be the peacemaker. Thanks again for your wonderful review, it was helpful and encouraging!

Name: Georgia Weasley (Signed) · Date: 24/02/09 3:23 PM · Chapter: Portraits
That was absolutely brilliant. I bow to your talents, dear. You captured each character flawlessly. I think I have to go read it again! Well done! Congrats on the win! Now I'm REALLY glad I didn't enter. Wow, how do you top that?

Author's Response: I'm so pleased you enjoyed it.... thank you for your extremely kind comments! (blushing here)

Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 22/02/09 6:19 PM · Chapter: Portraits
I very much enjoyed this one. The captures of the portraits was well done, especially Phineas and Snape! 10/10

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! It was a lot of fun to write.

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