Name: violetlily (Signed) · Date: 31/07/09 4:06 PM · Chapter: Chapter 1
The squee-fest for this was already done at SAYS, so I'll put that aside. :P It was a huge stroke of luck to have gotten a story from you, and I did guess it might be you when I first read it. You have a wonderful writing style that's both deep and smoothly flowing. I can see how this would have been such a difficult story to write (didn't you say that it almost killed you? :P), but I really love the result - it's exactly what I was looking for. ^_^

The frame of having Minerva take these memories from Voldemort is fascinating and I can imagine it happening too. The battle between the two of them (with Kingsley and Slughorn) was a surprise to see in the book, though I liked the idea of it. And here you've extended that battle into the aftermath of Voldemort's demise, how her curiosity (suiting to her slight Ravenclaw tendencies :P) made her seek out his memories, if only to see how he perceived her. It's so much more interesting than a romance between them because it's all potential, what-ifs that never actually come to be. It reflects the ship so well. :D

What also strikes me about this story is that you've kept both of them entirely in character. By shipping them together, there's a lot of risk for OOCness, but because they're always slightly apart, there's no sign of OOC. Not that I could imagine you ever writing someone out of character, but you know. :P Tom is very cruel and she is very courageous throughout - you make her such a strong character, and I love seeing that.

Then the ending... can I talk about it without squeeing again? No idea, but here goes. It brings everything together flawlessly. Five short paragraphs that say everything that needs to be said. And it's very moving that she wants to make peace with him still, after all that he's done to her and those she cares about. Wow, it says so much about her that the books never do (however much I've wanted them to).

Thank you, thank you for this, Jessi! I really love this story and all its various aspects. It's beautifully and brilliantly written and it's an honour to have received such an amazing piece of work for the exchange. ^_^

Name: emLILYEVANS (Signed) · Date: 25/07/09 11:12 PM · Chapter: Chapter 1
i loved that it waa soo different you should write more like this one

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