Name: ButterflyRogue (Signed) · Date: 29/10/09 2:31 PM · Chapter: Love
Oh, I liked this a lot! It most certainly isn't lame!
I liked the way you described the fight from Bellatrix' point of view. Most people make her completely deranged and crazy and often go too far with that kind of description. This insight to her thoughts was very well written and quite believable. I liked how in the end, she managed to find the strength to die peacefully as she found comfort in the one thing the Death Eaters always denied - love.
And that characterization of Molly was spot-on! The whole scene held such dynamics, I could really visualize it! Great job! :)


Author's Response:

Well, Bellatrix WAS completely deranged and crazy, but you're right, it would have been a bad cliche to depict her as such.

She, however, loved her Master, although this love was completely unrequited. When, however, everything ends for both of them, they did find solace in each other's presence.

I do hope that the movie version of this scene will turn out better, than my imagery. This WILL have to rock, otherwise the ending of the movie will suck prime time.

Thank you for your encouraging words and the fantastic review!


Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 16/09/09 8:47 AM · Chapter: Love

Wow, that was a really good, thoughtful one-shot.   The fact that Bella can actually string three coherant thoughts together in her mind was a surprise, but maybe she was just sane enough to process her situation and act accordingly. . . or maybe not.  This is Bella after all and to think she's going to win is laughable.  BUT, her accessment of Molly was spot on; lioness defending her cubs is right! 

one boo-boo: missing here with an inch only.   I think you meant missing HER, but otherwise, VERY NICE!

And I read and reviewed this BEFORE my morning coffee!


Author's Response:

Actually, the whole story was about something else. Bella's decades-long, unrequited love, unanswered feelings didn't come into the picture until the last paragraph. In such situations, people TEND to think, to find a way how to save their butts and get out alive.

Don't underestimate Bella; even being a cruel and reckless murderer she was a bright student and a good leader, so on some occasions even she HAD to be able to think coherently.

I liked that line about Molly myself.

Thanksies for your kind words, I was afraid that it would all sound too forced or lame.

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