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Name: ButterflyRogue (Signed) · Date: 29/10/09 2:46 PM · Chapter: I Hate Her
I liked the angsty, resentful atmosphere in this story. If it's Ginny we're talking about (I just figured this is her point of view, though it could be anyone who ever had feelings for Harry), she is Hermione's friend, yet she can't help hating her because she is jealous of her relationship with Harry (I'm not really into Harmony much, but I guess this can be understood as Harry/Hermione friendship as well).
This was very good, I enjoyed it! :)


Author's Response:

Yes, it's Ginny's POV, you guessed it correctly. The setting is, as I imagined it, maybe year 4 or 5, when Harry doesn't yet look at Ginny with THOSE eyes. It's the time of her, still somewhat childish, infatuation with Harry.

It's also the time of Harry's casual, but really close, tight friendship with Hermione, which at times was so intense, that Jo needed to deny any accusations on making the two a pair :D

I don't deny that the more I think to it, the more I feel a Harry/Hermione pairing MIGHT have been feasible, although I'm completely happy with how Jo had rounded up everything. I do have some Harmony among my writing though.

Thanks for this wonderful review!!! You really made my week!

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 21/09/09 11:24 PM · Chapter: I Hate Her

Poor Ginny and her un requited love . . but Harry comes around . . . eventually.

Angst . . . don't 'ya just love it?


Author's Response: We lovesss angst. We jussst don't lovesss Ginny Weasssley that much :D Let her sssuffer a bit before she getsss her handsss at Harry :D

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