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Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 28/09/09 5:37 PM · Chapter: Chapter 1


And I like the "stream of consciousness" way of doing it, following the thoughts, all jumbled together.  Free form thinking.

It never occured to me that Sirius might have had a serious relationship with anyone, as he's portrayed as a self-centered jerk most of the time, but I'm glad you showed he had someone to love him and care about him, even after he landed in Azkaban . . .  I hope he knew she came to see him, even if it was just because the guards taunted him with that info to make his life even more miserable than it was.  Then he knew SOMEONE was caring about him . . . maybe gave him a little hope.

Perhaps a follow up story of their getting together briefly when he escapes???  Even tho, as we know, she will lose him again, permanently.

Oh, and speaking of jumbled together . . you've invented a new word, darling . . .glinstering . . which I can see you made by combining glistening and glittering . . Splendid!


Now about  . . "very limited maquillage"  . .  I know what you're talking about, I'm just used to " a touch of makeup" . . however, I will, again, bow to your sexy European way of saying things . . .  we Americans aren't romantic enough, so a little foreign phrase, now and then, is good for us!

I might just try a "stream of consciousness" one shot myself . . NOW SEE WHAT YOU DID!!! . . Look!! it's a plot bunny running amok in my brain . . . I'll get you for this!


Author's Response:

Believe or not, easy as it seems, it was extremely hard to write this story, hard not to run amok with those thoughts.

There is a renowned Hungarian writer, who won the Nobel prize in Literature in 2004. One of his books, Kaddish for an Unborn Child, is ONE big stream of consciousness. Tough to read, tough to digest.

Sirius has always been portrayed a womanizer and a playboy, certainly in his Marauder times. I enjoyed showing him from a different angle.

NOW SEE WHAT YOU DID! Making me write a follow-up? I'll get you for this! LOL

I wasn't even aware that "glinstering" doesn;t exist. Shame on me. Where's my thesaurus?

I would LOVE to see anything new from my pen, my dear. I'm glad if I could inspire you. It's been really, really long.

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