Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 09/12/09 2:07 PM · Chapter: Blessed sleep, please.
That was fun!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Name: SiriuslyPeeved (Signed) · Date: 25/11/09 10:40 AM · Chapter: Blessed sleep, please.
This story had me rolling with laughter. You have the cat/kneazle perspective down perfectly and it meshes really well with the original story. I have a curmudgeonly old feline myself. ;)

Author's Response:

We have two cats, but they're both young (Sophie's only 4 and Gremmie's only 3), but I based most of his behaviour off Sophie with just a touch of Gremmie and a touch of myself (grumpy old man).  I'm glad you enjoyed this story and think that it goes well with the original piece.  Thank you so much for the review.

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