Name: granpa harry (Signed) · Date: 09/05/10 4:45 PM · Chapter: A Mysterious Letter, A Mysterious Tardiness

very good story. I m new to the site so i am ging o tke some time and rad all I can.

On a personal note:

really enjoyed the character named Phyllis. My mothers name, and todays mothers day.

Fond memories, I miss her so much sometimes 



Author's Response:



Name: giraffelover (Anonymous) · Date: 11/04/10 9:33 PM · Chapter: A Mysterious Mystery

i love the mystery! cant wait to read more of the chapters!

Author's Response:

thank you very much! more chapters should be up soon :D


Name: giraffelover (Anonymous) · Date: 11/04/10 9:32 PM · Chapter: A Mysterious Letter, A Mysterious Tardiness

love the whole thing!!!!!

Author's Response:

thank you so much! I'm glad :D

Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 16/03/10 10:19 PM · Chapter: A Mysterious Small Blond Girl

The plot thickens! I love the Rose-outbursts. I have this sense that someone is about to ask James, "Does the word 'eunuch' mean anything to you?" LOL! Onward, as Holly would say!

Author's Response:

thanks! haha, I wish I had thought of that. . . perhaps it will make its way in (I'll give credit, of course, if it does) I'm glad you like the
Rose-outbursts; entertainment is the point after all. :D Thanks for reviewing!


Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 16/03/10 12:58 PM · Chapter: A Mysterious Letter, A Mysterious Tardiness

A bit confusing to start off, but it lines out. I like the idea of Ravenclaw. You seldom see this House mentioned, especially with the NextGen. I choked on my coffee when the word "castrate" was mentioned! Poor boy will have a complex now...

Author's Response:

thanks! I'm glad the confusion goes away. I'm happy you liked that bit; it amused me when I thought of it. thank you so much for reviewing!


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