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Name: Horcrux Stealer (Signed) · Date: 07/08/08 2:06 AM · Chapter: Chapter 1
Hah, they are finally together! *dances* I wonder how old they are in this fic. Ginny's a lucky bitch, isn't she? She got both men. First Harry and then, Draco. It's very romantic and slightly amusing that she could never resist the pull of Draco Malfoy. Oh, I luffed the Dying Embers series very much. Thanks for writing! *rates 9*

Name: Elena (Signed) · Date: 03/01/08 12:55 PM · Chapter: Chapter 1
OMG, you can't stop there!!!!

I loved reading from Draco's point of view, you set the scene up really well, and I could just see him picturing Ginny in his mind, playing with, who he thought, was her son, filing that away in his memory...It was just the sweetest thing!!

Ginny's anger towards Draco was just heart wrenching. I had tears in my eyes cause I could feel her pain. Bit *sigh* that kiss...enough to send anyone's heart soaring!!

When Draco walked away, I was just gutted, thinking nooooo! But thewn he gave her another chance :) Then you had me almost crying again, because she wasn't there and it was like he lost her forever again.

Then I was clapping, cause she was there and I did cry...knowing that it cwasn't really over...but then you ended it with "I choose you" and awwwww, I was just so happy...only, now I want more...the fluffy passion.....

Author's Response: Elena, Thank you so much not only for my first review on this story (and the first one on Gluttony YAY) but also for being such a champion for this series...Without you I would never have continued it much less made it a trilogy. This one was truly for you! (and me because I adore this ship as much as you!!) Who knows what the future will hold but for the moment...this shall remain a trilogy! lol

Elena's Response: You're breaking my heart!! It can be a trilogy, but with a fluffy one-shot epilogue

Angel's Response to Elena's Response Stop that! You will make plot bunnies breed if you keep that up!! lol Just be happy that that this story finally got finished LOL it took forever for me to finish! :D

Elena's Response to Angel's Response: Oh, but I am happy *smods and feeds the bunny* But I can see wedding decorations, hear the bells ringing, the joy and the love just ooozzzzing from them both...*sigh*...

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