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Name: datbenik513 (Signed) · Date: 15/10/10 8:55 AM · Chapter: No Hero

Ah, that was very sweet. I can't imagine that boy any other way than this. It's just right on-the-spot.

Neither wanted to be a hero. Harry and Neville both wanted to be ordinary boys, wizards, students, but the bitch Fate took it all away from them. Now, having taken their faith finally in their own hands, they might have a chance to live up for all that had been lost.

It's eerie even to think how perfectly this wonderful story completes my own one-shot, "What We Believe In". Seems we both judged Neville the same way.

Thanks for this wonderful reading experience.

Author's Response: Thanks, Zoltan. I have been really interested in writing Neville lately. His character is so complex and deep, which gives you a lot to work with when creating a story. Neville and Harry do have a lot in common. Reluctant heroes, all the way. I always saw Neville as a scared little boy, wanting to put a stop to the never-ending fear that seemed overwhelming all the time. He finally stood up just to end it so he could get some peace. Harry was similar. He knew he couldn't live while Voldy was out there wreaking havoc, so he did what he had to do. I'm glad you like my take on Neville. I wrote another little one that follows this, called "Making It Official". I'd like to see your opinion on that, too, if you get a chance! Thanks so much for reviewing!~GW

Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 24/09/10 9:33 PM · Chapter: No Hero

This is just so perfectly beautiful that I have no words for it.

Such a mix of different emotions and images for poor Neville to process. You summed up his experience of that terrible night in a way that just fits so well any preconceived notion that anyone could have going in: the sadness over Colin's death (which I remedied, by the way...cough cough cough...), the fact that the Hat gave him the Sword of Gryffindor, and how it all must have just borne down upon our hero here.


Author's Response: Thanks!I've recently developed a new love of Neville. His character is so complex, with the deep desire to be a hero like his parents or what he thinks Harry is, but the knowledge of his own fear and cowardice prevents him from feeling worthy. I was always very interested in the fact that the prophecy could have meant him, but Voldemort made the choice and turned on Harry. In the end, I think it meant both of them, because it really did take actions of both to bring Voldy down. I just don't think Neville would have ever seen it that way. Your reviews mean so much to me. Thanks again for taking the time!

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