Reviews For Silver Doe

Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 06/02/11 2:00 PM · Chapter: Prompt 1: Honey

Well written as always, good character capture, and everything one has come to expect from you! I always wondered what was going on "in their heads" with the mistletoe and Nargles topic! The addition of thoughts of a bed in the R/R was masterful, and typical of any teenage boy. A bit on the mooshy side for my liking, though! hehe

Author's Response:

Just a silly and completely unnecessary short drabble. I guess I mirrored my own proper first kiss here, shamelessly stealing that snmal scene from OotP.

I wrote this very quickly before the idea could escape my head and didn't really give much thought into details, but I always liked this scene in the movie. I was actually jealous of Dan, especially seeing what a beauty Katie Leung has become!

I couldn't possibly write anything "not mooshy", having gotten the prompt "honey", could I? :D

Thank you for your heart-warming review.

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