Reviews For The Big Move

Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 09/01/12 10:25 PM · Chapter: I

To be honest, while this is well-written, not too wordy, and filled with good characters that can be easily read and 'seen', it's just not for me. From a technical standpoint, it's good. For many, if they read it, I am sure they would just adore it. BUT...given that I've been told that I write fights and war scenes best...you see where I'm coming from? I don't do romance/feelings too well! hehe. Sorry. It is a good piece, though. I can especially identify with Keegan, and all the grief that a boy of that age can give a single mom. I think you captured that bit very well. What else stood out at me was the broken dishes, while some might see it as a bit cliche, it works very well here.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! I'm glad you thought highly of this despite it not being your chosen genre to read/write. This was written with a specific target audience in mind (my grandmother) as she enjoys reading family and drama stories. And she's thus far liked everything that I've written for her regarding these characters (which are this one and A Family Christmas I have posted here). I plan on continuing on with writing a string of short stories with these characters for her because she has expressed further interest when I asked her if she would like me to do that.

I'm so glad the broken dishes worked well here as I was a bit worried with that. It is a cliche, but I try to turn cliches like that around to make them seem more fresh and original. Anyway, thanks again for reviewing! :)

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