Reviews For Star Trek: Potter

Name: Elena (Signed) · Date: 13/01/14 3:36 AM · Chapter: Act 1: First Command

My head hurts!!! I love Star Trek, but reading it is somewhat different to watching it.

I love the blend of both worlds. You execute them perfectly. I love that Scotty is back and how we are generations into the Potterverse too :)

I need to wrap my head around the Trek terminology, but it's sinking in. So far, I'm enjoying what I'm reading. Damn those Romulans!!!

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and love it that you're a fan! Keep in mind, though, this is set in the original timeline, and not the JJ Abrams reboot one. I always figured, after reading HP, that Scotty had to be a wizard. I hope to have another episode sometime, too. I just love time travel. If you like generations, you should really like trying to follow "Not Quite Human"; it's 100 years into the future! Thanks again. Always a treat to see a review!

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