Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 05/08/17 4:40 PM · Chapter: It was all a dream...or was it?

Very good insights into both of their thought patterns.  Lily sees where Severus is headed and he sees she's over-reacting/forgetting their histories . . . both are losing their only true friend.

Even though it's a POV story.  ( POVs irritate me to death - jumping back and forth  - but it was just two in this so, okay )

Just one nit-picky point, at the time of Severus' initiation, he wouldn't know that Baldie Voldie will kill Lily in two years . . . you can have them think back to things that were said, but Severus is not Sybil Trelawney - he can't see into the future.

Name: Jen25 (Signed) · Date: 28/02/17 10:46 AM · Chapter: It was all a dream...or was it?

This was a really lovely piece. I love how you protrayed those two!

Name: Elena (Signed) · Date: 27/01/17 6:35 AM · Chapter: It was all a dream...or was it?

I loved this :) I swear I have read it before. I'm a Sev/lily fan and this is just heartbreaking. It conveys the tough times they face, the hard decisions made - and the regret and sadness.

The loss of such a solid friendship based on a word that meant nothing, yet means everything.This is very well done!

Author's Response:

Thanks Elena :)


Its possible that you have read it before. I cross posted on AO3, FFN, HPFT and was on HPFF until I decided to remove my stories from that archive.


I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and thanks so much for the review

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