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A New Life For Hermione - Version 1 by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 71 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

A huge thanks to serendip at SAYS for the beautiful banner! *huggles*

Original Version - A time after the War, Hermione realises that her life is need of a change...In more ways then one. A birthday party held in her honor, brings an unexpected man from her past back into her life. Is this really the new life she was expecting? Warning: This story will contain spoilers from HP and the HBP, and my interpretations on the story. Please be warned before you read my story! Thanks :)

Family Affairs by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Twisted Family affairs rock and tip the boat over on Rose's 21st birthday. This story is NOT for the seriously Canon fans!

Finding Love by Elena

Rated: R15+ • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Fabulous banner by Violet at SAYS! Dark times were ahead of them, a war was fast approaching, but for one young couple, they knew how to find a way to survive it and find love.

Chasing Gargoyles by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star
Summary: What happens when the war is over and friends are made in places one never thought they would be? A story for Jessi and a prompt she so kindly bestowed upon me :)

Deliberate, Intoxicating, Menace. by Elena

Rated: R15+ • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Fabulous banner by Blue_Suede_Shoes at SAYS. In responce to Jessi's One Word inspiration challenge on SAYS. I haven't selected any characters so you can keep guessing who it's written about.

Loving someone is hard, loving them from a distance is harder! 

Portrait in the Headmaster's Office by Elena

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: This was written for the Loyalty project at HPFF. This is an alternative to what happened to Snape in DH and after, so spoilers apply.

Curse of the Full Moon by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews

Shattered by recent events, Tonks finds her place within the Order and with her own life. She finds a safe place to keep Remus locked in her heart, though she knows she will not give up on him. Follow along with Tonks as she re-establishes her life, finds romance despite her heartache, and surprises all with a few new tricks up her sleeve.

The Wives of Malfoy Manor by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 8 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Ginny Weasley is a young woman of 20 years of age. She begins to question her life during the darkest time. The war against Voldemort is still raging and Ginny questions why. An unexpected encounter with the other side lands Ginny in a world of power, wealth and status. Follow Ginny through a tale of inner struggle as she finds love and marries into one of the most powerful and most wanted family's in the wizarding world. This is a story of how the wives of Death Eaters still carry on through their lives without fighting in the war or choosing sides. (HBP has no affect)

The Guilt of Love by Elena

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Sirius remembers his lost friends, the loss of Lily harder to live with than it should. He never meant to fall in love with her and he wonders if things would have been different had he told her the truth on her Wedding day. This story is set during OotP, about a week after Sirius see's Harry off at Kings Cross Station.

Now and Then - Moments of Time by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstar

Hermione finds herself wrapped up in the war against Voldemort, help comes to her aid without her knowing and from the least likely person to do so. While Hermione is in and out of consciousness in her present time, while she sleeps, she seems to be also trapped in the Marauders Era. What happens when Hermione comes into contact with the 7th year Marauders at Hogwarts and begins to change her future? This is a Draco/Hermione/Sirius ship, full of twists, turns and romance. Not everything will turn out as expected! (HBP has no affect, please pretend HBP doesn't exist )

A Boy, his Wife to be and his Mistress by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

Fabulous Banner by Violet at SAYS *huggle* Sometimes in life, the wrong thing to do can seem so right. There is no justification with cheating in a relationship, yet it happens for reasons that can't be explained. Here is one story that puts characters in this situation.

The Bonfire Romance - A Post War Reunion by Elena

Rated: R15+ • 0 Reviews

It has been five years after the war had taken place, and since Hermione graduated from Hogwarts. Fleeing to the country and cutting herself off from the magical world, Hermione finds a friend in Remus Lupin. Remus pleads with her to return to Hogwarts for their 5th reunion memorial service. Hermione agrees and faces her past and what her future holds. Will Hermione turn and run away, or will she face her past and move on with her life? Written for Lucid.


Unexpected by Elena

Rated: R15+ • 1 Reviews

Hermione is getting ready to return to Order Headquarters and reflects on her time spent at the Burrow and away from Harry. It surprises her how much things can change in just a few short weeks.

Caught Under the Mistletoe by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 0 Reviews

Written for Angel, Happy Christmas :) Christmas can bring the best and the worst out in people, with dark times ahead, Dumbledore decides to create a little mischief for the holidays. With a twinkle in his eyes and a smile upon his face, he holds the grandest Christmas Ball. The students of Hogwarts are thrilled, but what happens when a dare amongst the school's two biggest rivals, goes wrong? Set pre-HBP. This is a Draco/Ginny Romance.

Forever Fading by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Huge *huggles* goes to Jessi_Rose for the wonderful banner and to Hermione006 for being the bestest Beta ever! :)

Two people fighting on opposite sides but sharing a love for each other that is so strong, that not even a war or living separate lives could tear them apart. But what happens when their love can no longer be denied?

This story is AU and is based loosely on DH, so spoilers may appear. This is a Severus/Lily story, so some dedicated James/Lily fans may not appreciate this fic.

A New Life for Hermione - Version 2 by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 2 Reviews

A huge thanks to serendip at SAYS for the beautiful banner! *huggles*

A time after the war, Hermione Granger is at the happiest time of her life, or so she thinks. Giving into her heart and joining Ron as he tours around the world, finally she settles down and finds a real home. What happenes when she realises that world is about to crumble and fate intervines, bringing her together with a man she grew up hating.

New Beginnings by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 12 Reviews

Gorgeous Banner by Marauder By Night at SAYS! 

Hermione, Ginny, Harry and Ron find surprising friendships with two of the least likely people and some may end up finding new relationships to pursue.

Remember Me by Elena

Rated: R15+ • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Moving on with your life after a loved one has past is hard, trying to live your life and remembering your loved one, all the time, is harder. Ginny fights a battle within herself to keep a promise to Harry while trying to move on with her life. Her promise is holding her back, yet she doesn't want to let Harry down. Will she forever stay trapped somewhere between the past and her future, or will she say goodbye to Harry once and for all? For Jessi_Rose, as she wanted to read stories that would make her cry.

Dobby Lives On - The Sock Story by Elena

Rated: R15+ • 10 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Merry Christmas Jessi :) Fabulous banner by Blue_Suede_Shoes at SAYS.

The night of Christmas Eve, Harry is called into his sons room to tell them a story before bed. Wanting to hear something about Christmas, Harry tells them a tale unlike any other and remembers an old friend.