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Hunted by PhoenixRoseQueen

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews
Summary: I kept ten of those photographs. As I glanced at each one, a stab of hurt or fear pierced my heart. Hunted. The word echoed in my head and I knew it was true. We were being hunted.

Behind the Veil by PhoenixRoseQueen

Rated: R15+ • 1 Reviews starstarstar
Summary: Dumbledore announced the Masquerade Ball in October. My first thought was that it would be the night to find whether my sudden attraction to Harry Potter was just lust or something possibly deeper. But I was Pansy-friggin-Parkinson, for crying out loud, I had a reputation to uphold! I could not be in love with Harry Potter.

Honest Conversations by PhoenixRoseQueen

Rated: R12+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstar
Summary: The Next in the Confessions of the Heart soon-to-be series. Remember Sixth year, when Ron and Lavender seemed to be, well, snog-happy? Well, this is how it all started. Okay, not all, but here is the first date.

First Impressions by PhoenixRoseQueen

Rated: GA • 2 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star
Summary: One of the coming soon Confessions of the Heart series, this story depicts Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood's first meeting on the Hogwarts express.