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Hi! I'm Renny, married mom of the busiest toddler boy you'll ever meet. I'm working on a sequel to The Dream of One Night, and the first couple chapters are up for viewing. Thanks for checking me out!

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Nothing Else Matters by Renfair

Rated: MA18+ • 0 Reviews

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Severus Snape once spied for the Order of the Phoenix because he had nothing to lose. Following the Dark Lord’s resurrection, he finds himself once more walking a knife edge, this time to protect everything he has gained. 


Sequel to The Dream of One Night

The Dream of One Night by Renfair

Rated: MA18+ • 20 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

2008 HPFF Dobby Finalist
Regardless of what others may think of him, Severus Snape is a brave man. However, a Dark secret in his past makes him fearful of what could happen if he gives into the feelings he is developing for his apprentice, Avrille. What he doesn't know is that her love might just save his life. 

--Set in the Chamber of Secrets year and closely follows the flow of the book. Slight AU since I decided the plot before HBP was released. Please review, I always respond!--