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The Rise of the A.W.L. by MargaretLane

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

When a teacher's secret is revealed, a campaign begins to have them removed from Hogwarts, a campaign backed by somebody with their own agenda. But how much support has the campaign within Hogwarts and what lengths are they willing to go to.


Sequel to, and contains spoilers for, The Writing on the Wall.

Is A Mukkinese Battle Horn Bad For Your Health? by tgfoy

Rated: MA18+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstar Feature


When a call to Fred for help is a little odd, even by Weasley standards, does it bode well for Ginny's plans to disrupt the oppressive administration of the school before Christmas. Written in the style of and in tribute to a british dramatic farce.

Additional Warning: This story contains what is probably the worst ever chat up line in Fan Fic. The author accepts no responsibility for the consequences should any reader choose to use it in the real world. 
Sexual content warning is simply because the story contains undescribed character nudity.

Story idea inspired by Patty
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The Time Turner's Curse by AvadaKedavra

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Hermione is stuck in here third year of Hogwart's. How many times must she live this life?

Star Trek: Potter - That Was Yesterday by BKL8008

Rated: R15+ • 1 Reviews


With the Enterprise partially repaired, a distress call comes in from Sector 6-22 where the Federation's most closely guarded secret lies. Along with two uninvited guests from Hogwarts, Captain James T. Potter and crew find themselves facing yesterday's horrors in a fight to save their future, as well as that of the Federation.

No Room at the Inn. by MargaretLane

Rated: R15+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Christmas is a time for family get-togethers, but when Alexandrina's son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter finally come together after the disasterous events of the previous summer, will the joy of the season prevail or will the family be driven further apart?

Retrieving the Dead by wytchkitty13

Rated: R15+ • 4 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star


Ruenissa Starling has just graduated from American high school but now she and her family are moving to England, the homeland of her stepdad. She's always scared people into believing she could cast curses and bring back the dead. What happens when her lies become reality?

Fulfilled Promises by datbenik513

Rated: MA18+ • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

There was a powerful woman once, most probably the most powerful one that had ever roamed Ynev. She was beautiful and proud, and in her pride she deceived quite a few.

Three of these deceived swore to pay her back tenfold.

Fiametta by llyralen

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
It's the year of 1903 and Serefina Fiametta, adventurer and magical game hunter, is making a name for herself by killing erumpents, dragons, basilisks, and quintapeds - even the odd giant spider. But when a manticore is discovered loose in the city of London, Serefina will learn that killing beasts is easy...

But capturing them is another matter entirely.

Night High by WolvesOfTheNewMoon

Rated: R15+ • 1 Reviews starstar

It is a story about four teenagers who have been talked about in an old prophecy from ancient times. But the prophecy mentions a fifth teenager, but this teenager is the enemy.

Helpless by Mind_Traveller

Rated: R12+ • 2 Reviews
Summary: "Once For All" sequel (1)

Edward left Bella for her own good. The Cullens moved house, but Edward is travelling on his own...

New Moon from Edwards point of view.

Once For All by Mind_Traveller

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star
Summary: After Bella's catastrophic birthday at the Cullens', Edward is growing more and more sullen every day. We know how it ends up... but what's going on in his head?
New Moon from Edward's point of view.

The Beginning Of All Beginnings by datbenik513

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: In the beginning there was Nothing, the measureless, colourless void...

What We Believe In by datbenik513

Rated: MA18+ • 3 Reviews
Summary: Neville Longbottom in his seventh year at Hogwarts is visited by several unexpected persons, who make him rethink his ideas about the meaning of everything.

Goblet of Fire: Viktor Krum by SiriuslyPeeved

Rated: R15+ • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Photobucket
Before the Triwizard Tournament, the Goblet of Fire judges the hopeful competitors. Canon-compliant, Book 4.

Colossus : Legacy by Sammy23

Rated: MA18+ • 8 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Image and video hosting by TinyPic By the year 2035 Albus Severus Potter was seen as one of the most powerful and evil men to ever walk the face of the earth. This first in a series of 8 novels that chronicles how he went from a spineless Gryffindor to an unstoppable force of nature.

Hope you enjoy.

Reckless by Stargirl

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews
Summary: Two years ago I lost all my memories. I lost my identity. I’ve worked hard to build a life for myself but sometimes I get a sudden urge to be.... Reckless. A urge to just go, be free. It’s happened again. I’m off, not caring where I’m going or what happens, only this time I think I’m going to find the answers I’ve been searching for, this time I think I’m going to find out who I am....

Tale of Two Portraits by war and peace

Rated: R12+ • 17 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Written for Gubby's Random Challenge Banner by Ali! *squishes*Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Fat Lady is much more interesting than you think. Really. Chapter 2 CANONISED! Major plot changes, people!

The Fountain of Youth by juls

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews
Summary: Sir Leander Cross, at the urging of the father of the woman he wants to marry, heads to Florida to search out the Fountain. But what is the price of Eternal Life?
(banner by ElissandrAnne)

Ghosts of Yesterday by LadySophieKitty

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstar
Lily has inherited the ability to see ghosts. However, after making a mistake, Lily ignores her talent until the summer before her 7th year. Desperate for money Lily becomes an Au Pair to James Potter's cousin Amy. Her most pressing problem comes in the form of Amy's ghost of a brother. Everyone thinks he was murdered but Lily is convinced to find the truth.

The Hunt by Angel

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews
Summary: Jason Hanson once had it all - a fast track career with the Washington Post, beautiful wife, two loving children, a dog named Chester and even a lovely home in the suburbs. But times have changed...he now works for The Exploiter. Instead of politics and social commentaries, he now reports on vampires and aliens.

Christmas Magic by Angel

Rated: GA • 0 Reviews
Summary: Christmas Magic was written last Christmas (2006) for Lady Grey of the Circle of Crones website as part of a christmas story exchange. It was fairly well recieved and at the moment this story is being reworked and undergoiing some major editting for me to submit for publication.