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Warnings: Spoilers


Essence of Revenge by tgfoy

Rated: MA18+ • Feature 0 Reviews


The battle was over. The victors woke into a new dawn, a new era had been born. They were free to live, free to find happiness, free to love. But a cloud drew across their world almost unnoticed, a darkness gathered strength. A new plot conceived. Vengeance approached. Harry must face a new battle, a war for his very being. A story of the 14 months after the battle of Hogwarts.

First published on HPFF, since re edited and expanded, this novel length fic was the first I wrote after a three decade break from creative writing. 

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Sweet by GGslytherin

Rated: MA18+ • 0 Reviews
Summary: Lacey King notices a new shop has come to town, a new joke shop.

When the new joke shop starts to sell similar products, Lacey can't sit back and let her father's business go under. Will she be able to save her father's business? And will she be able to teach the new joke shop owner a lesson?

In which a new rivalry is born.