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The Final Photograph by Leaf

Rating: R12+ [Reviews - 0]
Summary: Colin saw a green flash coming towards him. The fear he had been keeping inside raced across his face and he turned his beloved camera around. He took a picture of himself, illuminated by the green shot that would kill him within seconds. His face showed the final picture. His final emotions.
Recommended by: BKL8008
Recommendation: A great one-shot about what might have happened to Colin Creevey during The Final Battle. Explores the character of a minor figure, who, in my opinion, deserved more than just one line in DH.
Category: Harry Potter
Character/s: None
Genres: Action/Adventure
Ships: None
Warnings: Contains Spoilers, Mild Adult Violence, Sensitive Subject, Violence
Completed: Yes
Added: 18/12/2008 [Report This]