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Colossus: Legacy by Sammy23

Rating: MA18+ [Reviews - 0]
Summary: By the year 2035 Albus Severus Potter was seen as one of the most powerful and evil men to ever walk the face of the earth. This first in a series of 8 novels that chronicles how he went from a spineless Gryffindor to an unstoppable force of nature.
Recommended by: Jessi
Recommendation: This is such a brilliant action/adventure/romance/comedy with a sort of superhero angsty edge to it. The plot is thick and it's impossible to stop reading once you start!
Category: Romance, Harry Potter, Action/Adventure, Drama, Humour, Next Generation
Character/s: None
Genres: General, Humour, Mystery/Suspense, Romance
Ships: Canon Ships, Scorpius/Rose
Warnings: Contains Spoilers, Sensitive Subject, Strong Adult Language, Strong Adult Violence, Strong Teen Violence
Completed: No
Added: 07/12/2008 [Report This]