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Reviews For If It Kills Me

Name: Georgia Weasley (Signed) · Date: 24/07/2008 05:56 am · Chapter: If It Kills Me
Oh two of my favorite things, Snape and Jason Mraz! This was so gripping in its emotion. You could feel the desperation Severus had in finding a way to get Lily back, even after her death. Even at the moment of his demise, his thoughts are of her. I love how he "reworked" Harry's eyes into his mother's image at the end. This song went perfectly with the tale you told. Great songfic, and I don't usually like them.

Author's Response: Me too.. yay, it's so nice to see another Jason Mraz fan! I absolutely love him and the first time I heard the song, I felt like I was listening to the Lily/Severus relationship. I'm glad you liked this! I've wanted to write a Severus/Lily for such a long time, I just love his character and love that he was in love with Lily. I was rereading DHs when I decided to go ahead and have him rework Harry's eyes to his mother's image at the end.. I think there was a line about the green eyes connecting to the black and it just worked out for me. Anyways, sorry for the rambling and I really do appreciate your review (I usually don't like songfic's either).

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