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Name: granpa harry (Signed) · Date: 09/07/2010 05:05 am · Chapter: Perhaps not...

Amazing story.

I think alot about what some believe is the time after death.

Although I feel that for myself there is no one I wish to meet from my past. I can see why others would want to surround themselves with people of the same interest, familiars, I would call them.

Very good story, as you can tell by some of my work I really don't try to follow too much of JK's timeline or story. I believe with all great stories, they change every time they are read or told.



Author's Response:

Well, I wanted to show that ( as far as I'M concerned ) everything will be fine when we get to where we're going, all will be forgiven, apologies givena and taken, graciously, and it'll be a bit of a laugh, too . . . onward!

Thanks for the review!

Name: Kreacher (Signed) · Date: 01/03/2010 09:07 am · Chapter: Perhaps not...

Ok. I am mentally scared for what's left of my life. Dobby on a tricycle towing Colin on a skateboard is quite a mental picture! :-)


Timeline? We are talking about the "hearafter", are we not? Just how long does one stay in that place in "time" (if time exists in the hearafter) anyway? I have no idea. Severus could have lingerd there long enough for Fred and Tonks to arrive.


Good story. Funny! :)

Author's Response:

The timeline bit was that I had Tonks and Fred talking about Molly killing Bella, but that hadn't happened yet, as they then run in Dumbledore and he's just going to 'King's Cross" to talk w/Harry which is BEFORE they all go to the castle and THEN Molly offs Bella.  Never mind . . it's not THAT important . . the fact that someone read AND reviewed my story is the big news here!

Thanks . . . by the way, I think you meant scarred ( marked ) not scared ( frightened ). . .  and it's hereafter not hear ( listening ).  It's the spelling/grammar/puncuation nazi in me . . sorry, can't stop myself!


Name: emLILYEVANS (Signed) · Date: 02/07/2009 03:31 am · Chapter: Perhaps not...

Author's Response:

Glad you liked it. The actual timeline difference is that when Severus dies, Bella is still alive and Molly hasn't dueled with and killed her yet.  But as you said, it's no big deal in the scheme of things and if I hadn't said anything, no-one would have noticed, probably.

Thanks for the R&R and welcome to GF!

Name: datbenik513 (Signed) · Date: 17/04/2009 12:22 am · Chapter: Perhaps not...
Very seldom a piece of fanfic can cause me a good 15 minutes of hysterical laughter. This one just has. I want to thank you for that. It was simply bloody brilliant.

Author's Response:

That's why I wrote this, it was an unofficial challange on another site and all of the others were WAY too serious and gloomy and angst ridden.  So I decided to lighten it up a bit.

Glad you got the jokes.

Thanks for the R&R.


Name: Collette (Anonymous) · Date: 17/03/2009 04:22 am · Chapter: Perhaps not...
ya i didn't realize that you messed with the order of death but i believe that fred died before snape. right? and we wern't really told when tonks died right? i don't know. but i stil love your stories. (10's the best rating right?)

Author's Response:

Hi Collette!

That was quick! HA!HA!

Anyway, the timeline bit that I screwed around with was Molly killing Bella, that happened AFTER Harry faces Baldie Voldie and not before Severus died.  But it worked and nobody noticed, so no harm done.  Besides, Bella didn't make it to where they all were anyway, so who cares?


Name: SpringTime (Signed) · Date: 04/01/2009 05:22 am · Chapter: Perhaps not...
I honestly hadn't noticed that there was anything wrong with the time line and as I have loaned out my books just today I dont know what the break in the timeline is off hand, oh well. I thought that this was a very cute light story that brought a smile to my face to see your take on the afterlife.
Even the OOCness of Snape was welcome as it helped to put a feeling of closure to everything :)

Author's Response:

I had Molly getting Bella "Mum took care of her!", before Harry had even gone into the woods to face Baldie Voldie, that was the "outta time" bit. And evenI'll have to see when Tonks died, as it might have been later, too.  Be THAT as it may, it worked for me.  HE!HE!HE!

Severus wasn't OOC, just having to adjust to what it's like ( in my mind) in the afterlife - no bad thoughts/actions/attitudes allowed - just forgivness and acceptance.

Thanks for R&R.

Name: Bella_Portia (Signed) · Date: 01/01/2009 05:26 am · Chapter: Perhaps not...

First of all, you're right!  I did not even notice until you mentioned it.

I thought  this was a brilliant, lovely story.  The dialogue was beautifully done.  And you carried off your theme of forgiveness, of rancor fading with life --- just -- wonderfully.  Also, the little cameos  of Fred, Tonks, Sirius and the rest, were so nicely done and so in-character.

Fantastic job. 

Author's Response: Well, thank you, very much.  I'd just read s bunch of draggy, sorrowful, angsty "what happened to Severus when he died" one-shots and decided to lighten it up a bit!  Glad you think I succeeded!

Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 16/12/2008 06:14 am · Chapter: Perhaps not...
I can just see it.
I love it!
Especially Dobby and Colin.
Well done.

Author's Response:

Well, death can be a drag, but not in my AU!


Name: Eyriana (Signed) · Date: 17/09/2008 04:53 am · Chapter: Perhaps not...
This is such a happy little fic. I would have never thought to wonder what happened after Severus's death... this is a good depiction. It's layed out well and kind of makes one feel happy, not sad - I really like it. Good job!


Author's Response: Most of the Severus 'post death' stories I'd come across, except one, were - if you pardon the pun - dead depressing and down right boring. So,I thought I'd "put a little life" into it! HE!HE!HE!

Name: ginwannabe (Signed) · Date: 25/08/2008 03:32 am · Chapter: Perhaps not...
You know... I really enjoyed this.  Everyone (except Fred and Tonks) seem slightly out of character, but how are we to know how they'd react in the afterlife.  If it's truly heaven, then most likely forgiveness is rampant, it just seems... odd, lol.  I LOVED the banter between Tonks and Fred at the beginning (although, isn't Bellatrix her Aunt?), while it might seem a bit out of place given they've just died and left all their loved ones behind, it's exactly as they would have been in life, and that's how I prefer to think they'd be in the after life.  Well done!

Author's Response:

OMG, you're right, she IS her aunt.  You're the first person to point that out! I can't believe I made such a STUPID mistake...will go and correct it right now!

Well, AS evidenced by Severus' inability to keep negative or sad or regretful thoughts in his mind ( they just drift off ) , I'd like to think that, yeah, forgivness is the main emotion with everyone who makes it. That and a sense of humor - otherwise, I'm not sure I'd WANT to go! HA!HA!

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