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Reviews For Final Hour

Name: granpa harry (Signed) · Date: 28/02/2014 08:09 pm · Chapter: Chapter 1

this was a different twist to the story line

I am not sure I cana gree with Harry's forgiving Draco,

Maybe its what in my past that would not have allowed it.

We all have demons

Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 28/02/2014 05:36 am · Chapter: Chapter 1

Harry Potter, have chosen the wrong side? He felt pity for Draco then, losing a parent by the hand of the other parent was the cruelest betrayal of all.

You have no idea, the power in these words.

A very jarring, moving piece (for me, at least).

I wish JKR had done this in canon. Draco got shafted. WOnderful read.

Name: morgana (Signed) · Date: 26/09/2008 11:28 am · Chapter: Chapter 1
This is a lovely one-shot. I like how Draco and Harry made up in the end. I sort of expected something like that to happen in DH. In fact, I killed Narcissa off in my main fic to achieve this effect too. However, you did go a bit further by making Lucius kill her.

Remus comes across incredibly well as well. Very reflective and emotive piece.

Well done!

Name: Georgia Weasley (Signed) · Date: 30/08/2008 04:19 am · Chapter: Chapter 1
"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” That is bloody brilliant. Again, Remus has taken the mantle of leadership from Dumbledore and proven himself a worthy leader of men. The scene in which Harry accepts Draco is very moving. They finally see eye to eye on something, and is steels them to meet the challenge that is at the gates this night. Together, what can stand against them? I also like the comment about Harry's princess having guard dogs. That is hilarious. I imagine a girl with six brothers does have a hard time with the guys. This is very well done.

Name: ginwannabe (Signed) · Date: 27/08/2008 08:26 pm · Chapter: Chapter 1
The old wizard had been slowly dying from the curses he had been afflicted with by his hunt for the horcruxes. So he had sacrificed himself to save Snape, who's spying was still important to the Order. Look at you predicting what would happen in DH, lol.  This was a moving insight into what mmight have happened in DH.  The feelings you portray are authentic and believable (even harry's feeling's toward Draco... although I think the hug might be a tad too much, lol).  Nice job!

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