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Reviews For On Opposite Sides

Name: BKL8008 (Signed) · Date: 12/12/2008 10:15 pm · Chapter: Old Wounds Never Heal
Oh, letters! What's going on?
I just have to know!
Sounds like a soap opera! 10/10

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 16/10/2008 08:06 pm · Chapter: Old Wounds Never Heal

Holy cow!

Well, Rose has the Weasley temper, but at least Scorpius has the brains to rein in his Malfoy tendencies.

And he and Albus are best buds, huh?  Cool.

Now, what the bloody hell was in that letter?????????

You better get back to this little missive soon, young lady!  This one looks like a winner of a story!

I'm betting on Scorpius!


Name: Jessi (Signed) · Date: 26/09/2008 04:48 pm · Chapter: Old Wounds Never Heal
Good! I'm glad this is a WIP. :D I like the beginning of this, a lot! and I thought it was funny that you compared Scorpius and Rose to Draco and Hermione - AND used Harry to do it. :) Can't wait for an update, so get over the writer's block and give me more!!

Author's Response: Believe me, no-one wants me over this writers block more then I do!! :) Thank you for the review and I'm glad you liked it. This is my first attempt at a full Scorpius/Rose story and I just hope Andy likes it too. I sent it to her in a PM on SAYS ages ago and I think she liked it...LOL..I can't remember!!! But I'm going to have fun with this story, I just know it! ;)

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