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Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 12/03/2010 05:07 pm · Chapter: Six

Boy, did I have to do a MAJOR gear switch in my brain to get it focused back on this story . . .but it all fell into place pretty quickly.

Like His Holimess, I will just have to wait for the 7PM 'meeting'.  Then, as they say, "all will be revealed!"


Agent Lee - you go girl!  Show those boys how it's done! 

Author's Response:

Can you imagine how long it took ME to get back into MY own fic? But hey, you Americanos don't drive manual cars...

Oh yes, a few things will be revealed at 7 pm, but until then it's nine whole hours... HE!HE!HE!

Agent Lee WILL show those boys everything .. well, not really everything; she's a decent girl... HE!HE!HE!

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 30/10/2009 03:39 am · Chapter: Five

Wow, good pickup on those clues, but not much to go on . . . now the Prez is missing???? and the Chinese dude???

SO, I'm betting Harry will make himself know pretty soon, to the Muggle "trio", huh?

I'm glad you've gotten back to this story and am looking forward to more . . MUCH MORE!!!!!! 


Author's Response:

Well, there's indeed not too much to pick up on. As far as I'm concerned, the Agency is still in complete darkness.

This is what we call "hitting two flies on one", or more precisely, three flies. Once Nancy's giving a press conference, we can safely assume that the VP is gone as well. Now you know why I was asking about the succession list :D

It's still two different plot lines, there will be a few more chapters before I can tie them into one.

Thanks for your corrections you'd sent me, I've already incorporated them.

Have a good weekend!!!

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 06/07/2009 02:02 am · Chapter: Four

A Vella? That's cheating! Clever idea, but cheating, none the less!

Cute chapter and Ron's comments at the end were hysterical.

Only one boo-boo (Major) that you might want to fix A.S.A.P.:

"Though he knew the rings were actually placed on wooden poles, he thought it a wonderful idea of the designer to have Disillusioned those rings, " I think you meant to say the poles were disillusioned not the hoops.

Otherwise, good one!

Author's Response:

Done fixing the boo-boo, thansk for spotting that. Would've been kinda interesting to play Quidditch with invisible goals :D LOL

This IS cheating, quite right about that, but the Quidditch federation can't forbid hiring Veelas thanks to Hermione's "equal rights" bull..... And Ron is...no one else but Ron, blunt, straightforward and lovable.

I'm outta material right now, maybe inspiration will hit me as I'm enjoying my beer at the lake :D In the next chapter, however, things will get some development.

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 24/06/2009 07:22 pm · Chapter: Three

I, personally, LOVE caviar. Not vodka, so much, but with a good, chilled champagne . . . oooo, I'm all yours!

Oh, well, never mind; this is supposed to be a chapter review, not a gourmet rating . . . . so . .

This guy really gets around, doesn't he?  Methinks he's up to no good . . . . DUH!  I love the little cross culture lessons you are imparting to us with this story.

Okay, boss, where to next??????


Author's Response:

Of course, "the man" is definitely up to no good. And he doesn't even have to "solemnly swear" LOL

The "little cross culture lessons" as you called them are coming from personal experience (at least the most of them) and are supposed to be an integral part of the story. This to show the globality of "the man"s plans.

I'd prefer vodka, every new years eve I spend with a disastrous headache due to the bubbles in the champagne...even if it's only half an ounce...

Next chapter comes hopefully today.

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 23/06/2009 02:19 am · Chapter: Two

Well, well, well, letting us females have a go, huh?

THIS should be interesting.

Agent Lee's ? to herself SHOULD have been "Did I shave my legs for this?"


Author's Response:

Yes, the three graces, but first of all agent Lee will have an important role in this story.

This WILL be interesting, at least I hope it will. I know the beginning is slow, but I have material for around 30 chapters at least, so I can have the luxury to properly introduce my characters.

Real stuff begins around chapter 5.

At which point do you think agent Lee should have asked herself that question?

I need to admit this is the first time you haven't been reading with attention. You've skipped an important thingy; being a cheeky b.....rd I will let you simmer some before uncovering my secret :)

Onwards, uploading chapter 3 today :)

Name: Holly Ilex (Signed) · Date: 23/06/2009 02:08 am · Chapter: One


Okay, ignoring the couple little bits of mangled grammar ( I'll tell you later, so you can slip in quietly under the cover of darkness and correct - HA!HA!), I'm really enjoying getting back into this story (starting fresh).  I prefer reading it here, so it's on to chapter 2.

Oh, anbd you needn't have translated the little bit of swedish cursing . . it's the same in any language.


Author's Response:

Welcome back!

I do beg you to send me those boo-boo's! I want to be this story by bestest one so far and all boo-boos will be disposed of, without remorse. I've already fished out some, also some continuity errors clashing with later chapters, but four eyes see always more, than two.

The fact you speak perfect Swedish doesn't yet mean everybody else does :))))

Thanks for your review and onto the next!

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