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Reviews For Finding Love

Name: emLILYEVANS (Signed) · Date: 03/07/2009 03:38 am · Chapter: Finding Love
wohoooo james and lily 4 ever!!!.....but really i am lily but you have to keep that a secret :) i loved that story~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: andharrywokeup (Signed) · Date: 27/03/2008 03:24 pm · Chapter: Finding Love
I cannot, CANNOT believe that this started off as something you typed into the c-box off the top of your head in order to convince me to write Lily proposing to James (which I did end up doing...sort of...). It's just too brilliant! I haven't SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED so much in a LONG time!

Really you had be catapulting from grinning with sheer happiness to almost in tears the way I always end up when reading LJs. I sometimes think that the happier a fic is, the sadder it'll make it, because their entire story is just so heartbreaking. :'(

What I especially liked about this fic was the dialogue - you got it perfect. There are so many romance stories where either the couple end up sounding platonic, or they end up sounding way over the top. Your's was so natural and this was really aided by your fantastic characterisation. Their reactions to everything were again, perfect.

So, like I said, I refuse to believe that this started off as something you made up on the spot. It's such a fantastic piece of writing! :D You are amazing. xx x x xx
~ Oh and 10/10, obviously. I'd give you more if I could!

Author's Response:

hehehe...Believe it, cause it was. Once Gubby wanted what I wrote in the cbox, turned into a full story...the rest just came to me. I'm happy with this story, not just because you girls inspired it, but, in a way, I hoped it has shown you that you can break the 'mould' and be different. You can control how things happen in a story and especially with the Marauders , because there is still so much about them that we don't know about.

Not everyone will like what you do, but as a writer, I don't see why you should limit yourself, especially when writing fan fiction. We are given the chance to explore possibilities, to look beyond what the original author, JKR, produced and make a world of our own to escape in. In this case, we now see that a man doesn't always have to be the one to propose :) 

Name: fhestia (Signed) · Date: 05/03/2008 06:02 pm · Chapter: Finding Love
So many beautiful and eloquent moments in this story...I loved it. Fantastic story!

Name: ginwannabe (Signed) · Date: 10/02/2008 10:01 pm · Chapter: Finding Love
Oh, that was beautiful! You wrote the pain everyone felt with such detail, I felt it, too. I love that it was Lily that proposed, after all the years of begging her to go out with him, she was the one to beg him to marry her. What a lovely twist. I loved it all!

Name: justlikemagic (Signed) · Date: 06/02/2008 10:42 pm · Chapter: Finding Love

ZOMFGSQUEEEEEEE! I really helped inspire this? I did? *bows down* but before I go all fangirly on your *fangirls* I must review the story!

You, my dear, are a fantastically fantabulously AWESOME writer and I love this piece to DEATH. It's very rare you find a Hogwarts fic with James and Lily being together already, and I love it because you don't have all the clichéd arguing and then falling in love stuff :D You portray their relationship beautifully, they are so adorable and yet so ... mature? Your Lily is a great, well-rounded character and she seems so realistic without having typical Lily-characteristics and therefore she's a fabulous non-clichéd girl. I love her. And oh! your James! I mean awwww! I have just fallen in love with him right there ;) He's so witty, charming and hilarious, just as he should be. You have SO done him justice and I am enormously glad of that because I am a total James fangirl!

And then your angsty bit in the middle - I mean, wow. James' emotions were so raw, I just wanted to cry for him. And Lily ... you have created for them this absolutely fantastic, romantic relationship with that underlying suggestion of the pain they're going to experience in their future, in James' grieving. It's wonderful, and heartbreaking! And of course your Sirius was perfect, his anger so sad and so real. And I love the way you have Peter as a proper part of their 'gang', sharing in their grief and his own. You've got such a range of emotions in here, and every one of them portrayed fantastically, Elena.

And then that ending! Oh, my! It was absolutely GORGEOUS! I think it was this line which really made me go .... EEEEEEEEEE-AWWW-SQUEEEEE ... It was about love, something so pure and so mutually felt that nothing could touch it or destroy it. It was such a hopeful, beautiful ending to all that sadness.

I am just in love with this one, Elena. It's stunning. 10/10, if you hadn't guessed ;)

Name: Gubby (Signed) · Date: 06/02/2008 01:01 am · Chapter: Finding Love
Eeek! My first review on Gluttony and it's for the wonderfully talented founder! I don't have to tell you how honored I am that I helped inspire this, but I really do have to! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Eeeek! I really can't believe our little convo could inspire this! *lovesloveslovesloves*

Gorgeous characterization, heartbreakingly amazing emotions, spot-on dialogue, plot worthy of tears, and a climax of revolutionary proportions! LILY proposing to JAMES! Unheard of... but it feels so right. I'm in love. LOVE! Did I mention your James is SO attractive and so devoted to Lily, it makes my heart ache and it makes me smile so much. You're amazing. Elena, someday I'll review your stories and be actually coherent, but today is NOT that day! LMAO I am completely totally in LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE with this! *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

10/10 and a massive huggleglompsquishtackle for you! *huggleglompsquishtackles Elena*

Author's Response:

Oh Gubby!!!

I think at this rate, you will beat me at any Best Fan Girl Reviewer!!

Thank you so much, but yes, you helped to inspire this entire thing. Besides the part that I wrote in the cbox, the rest was planned around that part :)

I loved writing this, it did bring me to a few tears, but overall, I'm happy with it *hugs* Thank you for helping to inspre me to write.

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