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Stories by Elena

Forever Fading by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Huge *huggles* goes to Jessi_Rose for the wonderful banner and to Hermione006 for being the bestest Beta ever! :)

Two people fighting on opposite sides but sharing a love for each other that is so strong, that not even a war or living separate lives could tear them apart. But what happens when their love can no longer be denied?

This story is AU and is based loosely on DH, so spoilers may appear. This is a Severus/Lily story, so some dedicated James/Lily fans may not appreciate this fic.

A New Life for Hermione - Version 2 by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 2 Reviews

A huge thanks to serendip at SAYS for the beautiful banner! *huggles*

A time after the war, Hermione Granger is at the happiest time of her life, or so she thinks. Giving into her heart and joining Ron as he tours around the world, finally she settles down and finds a real home. What happenes when she realises that world is about to crumble and fate intervines, bringing her together with a man she grew up hating.

New Beginnings by Elena

Rated: MA18+ • 12 Reviews

Gorgeous Banner by Marauder By Night at SAYS!

Hermione, Ginny, Harry and Ron find surprising friendships with two of the least likely people and some may end up finding new relationships to pursue.

Remember Me by Elena

Rated: R15+ • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Moving on with your life after a loved one has past is hard, trying to live your life and remembering your loved one, all the time, is harder. Ginny fights a battle within herself to keep a promise to Harry while trying to move on with her life. Her promise is holding her back, yet she doesn't want to let Harry down. Will she forever stay trapped somewhere between the past and her future, or will she say goodbye to Harry once and for all? For Jessi_Rose, as she wanted to read stories that would make her cry.

Dobby Lives On - The Sock Story by Elena

Rated: R15+ • 10 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Merry Christmas Jessi :) Fabulous banner by Blue_Suede_Shoes at SAYS.

The night of Christmas Eve, Harry is called into his sons room to tell them a story before bed. Wanting to hear something about Christmas, Harry tells them a tale unlike any other and remembers an old friend.