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You have stumbled your way to my more mature story archive, where I post more of my Action/Adventures, Murder/Mysteries and Horror stories. If you want to read any of my Romance, Humor or Mainstream works, you can go ahead to my HPFF page under the same name.

Hope you enjoy yourself!

Fiametta - A new story in validation
The Falstaff Mysteries - murders in Victorian London

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Fiametta by llyralen

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
It's the year of 1903 and Serefina Fiametta, adventurer and magical game hunter, is making a name for herself by killing erumpents, dragons, basilisks, and quintapeds - even the odd giant spider. But when a manticore is discovered loose in the city of London, Serefina will learn that killing beasts is easy...

But capturing them is another matter entirely.