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American teenage girl with no life outside reading and writing ^_^ But I really don't mind. Too much. :D Oh, yes, my name comes from GubraithianFire (name on SAYS and HPFF). Andy gave me a house-elf character in one of her fics and her name is Gubby. Been that ever since ;)

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Stories by Gubby

Vanity by Gubby

Rated: MA18+ • 1 Reviews
Summary: No one can call Romilda Vane ugly - far from it. But gorgeous looks just don't seem to work for her. She's tried love potions, good luck charms, and other tactics, but she just CAN'T get a guy to fall for her. Desperate, she is forced to peruse the Muggle romance novel, Pride and Prejudice, resignedly learning from Jane What's-Her-Face.

What does this mean for the current object of her affection, Oliver Wood? God knows. Because Romilda is no quitter - generally. She WILL - er, might - get what she wants.

Salem by Gubby

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews
Summary: What disturbed me was how much of myself I saw in that na´ve child. The ego. The pride. The ambition. The lies. The truths. The seduction. The manipulation. The schemes. The silent outrage, growing in sound to a deafening crescendo; that was mine, too. She was everything I stood against, and everything I hid within myself.

What a novel concept.

Merlin Is A Sadist by Gubby

Rated: GA • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: You might pass out with exhaustion and frustration and exasperation. Ye gods, what have you done to Merlin to upset him so? It’s probably your House’s dismal Quidditch record, you decide. Who knows? Maybe Merlin is a sadist at heart, and enjoys watching the pain of sixteen-year-old procrastinators as they slowly but surely fail their make-or-break class...

Chai by Gubby

Rated: R15+ • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Parvati Patil is nearing insanity. One. She hates weddings - especially Indian weddings, like the one Padma and Roger Davies are about to have. Two. She hates India, where Padma and Roger insist on having said wedding. Three. She's in love with Roger Davies.

Her sister's fiancÚ.

Chai is the story of the Patils' sojourn to Bombay (or Mumbai, if you insist), and Parvati's search for the ultimate Bollywood dream: true love.

The Damsel in Distress by Gubby

Rated: R12+ • 7 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Andromeda Black has never gotten along with her fellow Slytherins... but even Andromeda isn't daft enough to hex a boy after he asks her out! Andromeda's quest to find out who saved her though she needed no saving!

And We're Only Several Miles From the Sun by Gubby

Rated: MA18+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: It's been three and a half years since the disastrous Christmas when Victoire Weasley swooned - and consequently fell in love with - Teddy Lupin. Follow the madhouse through the summer: Will Rose Weasley ever regain her sanity after falling in love with Scorpius Malfoy? Will James Potter ever win his best-friend-turned-girlfriend-turned-ex-girlfriend-turned-best-friend-again back? And most importantly - will Victoire and Teddy ever get married?

Carousel by Gubby

Rated: MA18+ • 3 Reviews
Summary: It's Victoire Weasley's seventeenth birthday, and Fred Weasley's eighteenth deathday. But which matters more - the living or the dead? Written in response to andharrywokeup's Victoire's Birthday challenge at SAYS.

I Saw Mum Snogging Father Christmas by Gubby

Rated: R15+ • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar
Summary: ... and that's the least of poor Victoire's problems this very odd Christmas Eve. The problems, you ask? Firstly, she has to deal with the entirety of the Weasley clan at the Burrow. Her cousins won't stop bothering her. And suddenly, she swoons over Teddy Lupin. And, of course - she sees her mum snogging Father Christmas.

Joyeux Noel to you, too.