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I like fan fiction and enjoy writing it. I'm happy to share my stories with those who are interested and hope that they like what they read.

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Stories by wytchkitty13

Retrieving the Dead by wytchkitty13

Rated: R15+ • 4 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star


Ruenissa Starling has just graduated from American high school but now she and her family are moving to England, the homeland of her stepdad. She's always scared people into believing she could cast curses and bring back the dead. What happens when her lies become reality?

Man's Best Friend Times Three by wytchkitty13

Rated: MA18+ • 17 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

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After the fall of Voldemort, the Dursleys were ready to return to their normal lives and to put that whole magical nonsense behind them. However, when a package arrives for Harry at their home, Dudley can't help but be curious about it more than ever since his experiences at the Ministry of Magic. But is even Dudley prepared for the can of worms that he has opened? Will he be able to handle the rather large consequences of his curiosity or will the fur start flying?

Jealousy Games and Deadly Consequences by wytchkitty13

Rated: MA18+ • Feature 30 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

bannerWhen the darkness becomes the calling, who will resist the urge and who will accept it? Harry, Ron and Hermione are entering their seventh year at Hogwarts, but will it be filled with fond memories or nightmares unleashed? Voldemort and the Death Eaters lurk in the shadows as well as a mysterious voice.*This story doesn't follow OoTP, HBP or DH!

Escaping Temptation by wytchkitty13

Rated: MA18+ • 2 Reviews starstarstar


Hermione Weasley has become a muggle teacher- a substitute that is, to replace the former literature teacher who passed away. She loves her job, her daughter, and her husband. But when she and Ron get into a fight, her path crosses with someone unexpected and her life is turned upside down. *After DH, different from canon*