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HPFT - Different Archive

by Elena @ 02/05/2018 10:00 am  

With the closure of HPFF, there is also another archive that is active with a small community of people. Check it out if you like as you may gain a new audience or find an old one.


You can try out HPFanficTalk (or HPFT). It has a multi-fandom/OF archive and a Harry Potter-themed forum (including a year-long house cup and common rooms for each house). There are a lot of reviewing events and review request threads on the forums, as well as a tool to help any authors who used to publish at HPFF and backed up the reviews people left them there transfer those reviews over to HPFT's archive pretty painlessly.

The archive is moderated, but there's no limit to how many chapters you can put in at once and the archive staff are usually pretty fast at working through it. They're pretty permissive in what they allow, provided the right ratings/advisories are attached to the story, and they're very friendly and happy to help (including adding fandoms/characters/pairings that aren't on the archive yet if you have a story for it). They're also very active on social media.